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Bloody weird at the end. Any one of the top 3 could have finished top.

Argyle only had to win but their draw meant Pompey's win made them champions on goal difference.

I had to laugh, (despite my disappointment with Argyle's 2nd place), at Pompey making absolutely sure of their goal difference with a 6-1 win.
Aye, and if Brum goes down today dare Harry stay there next season to face the welcome awaiting him at the Fratton away fixture? Mmmm...

Edit: No chance, Brum stays (but whether Harry will is another Q)
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The other south coast outfit Southampton were away at Liverpool , 0 - 0.
Scousers awarded penalty and as Milner goes to put the ball on the spot Forster approaches.....Milner has not missed a penalty since his Villa days , after Forsters intimidation he missed this one . Scroll down to 64 mins for pic.
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Good to see former greats like Burnley competing in the Prem so it would be good to get thee in there aswell.
Gary Monk fell at the second to last fence with Leeds , Chipolata might just keep him on.
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