Footie V Cechs

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by cornishgolfer, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. Well its just finished and not overly impressed at all.

    SAome of the over paid "stars" just didnt.

    Lampard......seemed not to care. Heske.WTF was/is he doing there same for Dildo...I mean Defoe. Too many old players with not enough "go" in them...........
  2. I am footie fan, loved the Euros, and unfortunately an Argyle fan. So did I watch the INGEEERLAND tonight. Nah I watched Tristan&Isolde with the missus (a chick flick). That is how much I hold these fackers in contempt who dare to disgrace the three lions at the moment.
  3. You're a 'footie' fan who 'loved the Euros'?

    There are streaks running down my face paint and my jester's hat is drooping.

    It is indeed unfortunate that you support Argyle.
  4. Just watched the so-called "highlights" on ITV. This bloke is allegedly one of the best managers aroung, yet he picks a natural left sided player (Barry) in central midfield, yet puts one of the best central midfield players in the country(Gerrard) on the left hand side. Rooney played far too deep - is he a striker, or did he just get bored with the lack of service ? Too many good club players, who can't cut the mustard at international level, and one or two who aren't as good as they and the press think they are. By the way, did Lampard play, or was I seeing things in my cider induced haze ? Thankfully, it's Andorra next - I bet Croatia are wetting themselves laughing after tonight.
  5. Oh well having watched and loved football all my life, being an Argyle fan, means that success doesnt come my team's way very often. So I look to my nation's team for the best chance of glory Ill get as a fan. This should happen with the standard of players we have. Spain/France/Germany have the same talent as we have, on a player by player comparison we are the best in Europe, but when our prima donas get together, as a team they are facking useless. Explain this to me Guzzler oh font of football knowledge. Hence watching an England friendly is just a waste of facking time.

    Is going to a match with facepaint and a jester's hat somehow ridiculous, or shall we all do the stereotypical English style, shitfaced with hate and venom pouring from our mouths.
    Hence Euro 2008 was the best Euro championship ever, no thick knuckle dragging English there.

    BTW Guzzler do you follow a priemership team?
  6. No.

  7. Well, guess I wont beeing seeing you in the Devonport End with your Green and white Jesters hat on your head and a cross of devon of your cheeks, thats a shame.

    My beloved is a huge Argle fan. She used to be at the Devonport end in the top left hand corner, from when she was around 12/13 til her late teens. I have several pix of her with huge bellbottoms, with green Tartan around the bottom, ( after that frisp "pop" group). That was the Callington corner. Chris Harrison was in my class at school.

    Ah Paul Mariner with that flowing hair, fat boy was fun. So was the 1 hour bus ride in to town.
  9. yeh but no but yeh but.................Do Pompey really forgive him for going to the scummers?

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