Footballers really are Poxy queens

I read about that drama queen Wayne Roony is going to call his new sprog....'Hatter' ...poor kid.....
Hope for his sake he doesn't join the navy
What happens if its head to ball? Is that a lucky goal or lucky to be alive again ?

Bless em its hard earning lots of money and having no-one realise you put your life on the line for the amusement of the public ;-)


Lantern Swinger
"Ashley Williams shot his load on Van Persie's pretty face, his balls slapping against his chin and making him squeal in delight, he just could have died from all this pleasure and attention in the sweaty box".

A clip from 50 Shades of Shit Blokes who like Handbags, written by Alex Fuckingfergitosser.
I thought it was going to be really funny. I was expecting the **** to take a boot to the head too and for him to be knocked out. Because of that I was interested enough to look it up.

Basically the twat in red fell over. As he sits back up the bloke in white gives the ball a good smack to get it away from the goal. Dripping bitch in red throws her toys out of the pram and kicks up a major fuss. If it was done on purpose then he should have kicked the ball harder.

Hope the whinging poof dies

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