Football team remembers its war dead


Lantern Swinger
This Rememberance Sunday Heart of Midlothian played Aberdeen in the SPL. The Hearts players turned out in a strip designed to commemorate the seven members of their team who had volunteered to join the Royal Scots in World War One and had been killed on the Somme. The strip had a poppy on the breast and the names of those who died on the sleeves. A picture of the top is at the link.......,,10289~1165525,00.html

It was great to see this type of effort to remember the past and if anyone is further interested the background they should search out a book called 'McRae's battalion' (Amazon, can't remember the author)which tells the tale of how the team, staff and loads of supporters joined the 16th battalion The Royal Scots and were decimated on the Western Front. Great but very sad book which makes you wonder if todays society would do the same thing, hopefully we would if the situation arose.

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