Football Season Ticket Benefits.

So, I'm a Leeds United fan. Up until this season my son and I have been a member of the supporters club for a few years. Money's a little tight so this year I haven't renewed.

I was wondering what sort of benefits other clubs give their members and season ticket holders? At Elland Road members get 10% off purchases from the club shop, are allowed to purchase away tickets and used to get priority for tickets for cup matches after season ticket holders, although I believe that there are now too many members to guarantee this.

I know Ken Bates is a tight arse and would rob his own mother given the chance but I just wondered how this compared with other clubs.


At Southampton Season ticket gets you first dibs at away/ cup matches before supports club.

Used to get a book of vouchers, For Saints tv,stadium tours, david lloyd, phots, ten pin, alton towers and co + 25% off restarants tgi, f+b, p hut.

Nothing this year unless Ive ditched it.
I have never had a season ticket but i often ask the question is it worth it, i live 5 mins away from the Reebok, i can get tickets every home game for a tenner, call it 140 pound if i went to every match (i go to watch the visiting teams, not Bolton) When Bolton got to the FA cup semi final i got tickets for 30 pound with ease, so didn't need to be a member to get hold of them, when Bolton play in cup matches its five to ten pound a ticket every time...

OK they are crap but they are playing top level football, i really don't know why people i know pay 300 pound for a season ticket, when they don't go to away matches and don't get any other offers..probably just the feeling of putting money into the club.

All that being said and Bolton can't sell out even when the big boys come to town! season tickets surely can't be worth it for most fans.
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