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Discussion in 'Hobbies & The Great Indoors' started by jamieccfc, Jul 9, 2012.

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  1. How often do you get to play football in the navy? Have they got their own football team?

    And being a season ticket holder at the moment I'd like to know the footballs latest scores , do you have to wait for a message from home for the scores ?
  2. I didn't get to play football at all during the last fifteen years of my career.
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    I think that was more to do with no one picking you.
  4. You are very much on the right lines.
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    Years of being an officer. Nothing gets past me.
  6. The long answer is that's dependent on where you get based. But to get onto the representative sides, you need to give a good showing at the establishment level. Getting to know the PTI responsible for the representative side is a good idea too. On top of that, when the representative sides are playing, get along to watch when you can as you'll be able to start chatting to the various personalities. Believe it or not, even some of the referees are actually approachable as well.If you're based in Plymouth, the establishment plays in one of the Devonian leagues on a weekly basis. Likewise, Yeovilton, Culdrose and Faslane also tend to play in their local leagues. The exception is the Portsmouth area where the establishments play in the United Services Football League which is played midweekly. This does free you up to play at weekends for your local side.There are also a few competitions which get played over the course of the season: Inter Commands (approx Sept), Tunney Cup (RM Only though does have RN involvement) and The Navy Cup (The premier competition and the final is played either at Temeraire or Fratton Park). On top of that, the RN has representative teams in the Ladies, Seniors, U23, U19 and Veterans sides. All, besides the Veterans, play in the FA representative fixtures. The U19s also send a side over to the USA to compete in the Dallas Cup.There's also an annual Inter Services match, but not quite at the same level as the corresponding Rugby Union fixtures as far as attendence goes. On top of all that, establishments and Ships will often organise non-competitive fixtures against each other.Hopefully that answers what RN Football is like for you?
  7. for hatters

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