Football before Raleigh?

I am due to start at Raleigh on the 28th of September. Just wondered if anybody quit contact sports before entering to avoid injury or if anybody carried on playing until shortly before starting at Raleigh? Not sure whether to risk playing football so close to starting up?
Well that's your decision isn't it? You realise that you may get injured which would/could affect you joining up so I can't really see the point in your question.
Still don't understand. If comeone replies and says 'I played football before I joined and didn't get injured' would that make your decision for you?


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Mucker of mine went to join the RAF and the night before his training, had a game of Yahtzee. He threw snake eyes, picked up the dice in anger and threw them against the wall. They bounced off and got wedged in his throat, choking him to death.

It was for the best.
Just IMHO..... depends on the level and what sort of play is involved. If you play in a pub league full of kick to kill merchants, might be best to bow out before you get a broken metatarsal 2 weeks before joining. OTOH, its good phys, and once you join up, whether its 5-a-side in the gym, inter dept, ship or command, or the dizzy heights of inter serv and tri services footy, you can expect a thorough kicking. You great big Shirley.
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