foods while in training

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by burnsy85, Jan 24, 2010.

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  1. whats the do's and dont for foods while in trainin would you say?
  2. What type of training are you talking about? Are you asking about the food whilst in Basic Training in Raleigh or are you talking about food whilst training fitness wise?
  3. for both
  4. Do eat Cheesy Hammy Eggies, Baby Heads and "Everton mints" etc

    Do not Eat Yellow Snow or the blue toilet biscuits!!

    Nice to see Arteta back.
  5. cant beat an arl everton mint mate, and made up meself lets just hope he gets himself back to his old self pronto!
  6. Well during basic training you do not have to worry about food, you are supplied with what they provide you.

    As for fitness training, what type of fitness training are you doing?
  7. Bring on the Scum!!!!
  8. currently waiting for me joinin date so am tryin to get meself as fit as possible before i go in
  9. lets hope it goes are way this time
  10. What type of training are you doing. As it makes a difference to the sort of meals you need to intake.

    i.e if you're running you ideally need high carb intake before and a protein intake afterwards.
  11. cardio and strength so both realy mostly me cardio though
  12. Well I'd suggest pretty much make sure you take high carb intake before exercise and protein afterwards to help repair the muscles.

    If you been for a long run then a peanut butter and banana whole meal wrap is a good recovery food
  13. Cheesy Hammy Eggy is delish!
  14. i probably should already know this but which are the best foods for high carb intake?
  15. Pasta, Rice etc. Go for wholewheat not white though.

    There are plenty of suggestions on the internet
  16. going to have a good look now thanks
  17. I'm detaching CinC Nag home as we speak!!

  18. Does it fcuking matter ?

    Your not exactly training for any endurance event. Get a full English down you and crack on and stop your bitching.
  19. no ones bitchin at all, only asked a question.
  20. get some pies down you as well.

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