Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Tall_bloke, Jun 5, 2008.

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  1. What's this news I heard this morning from some Pongo General saying that squaddies these days can't afford to eat.
    I thought if you went Pay As You Dine you could have three hot meals a day for around £4. Is it that young squaddies can't afford to eat, or are they unable to feed themselves?
  2. Dine? seems a bit at odds that word, a bit like McDonalds calling their dumps restaurants.
    Methinks said General was doing his bit to boost the general conditions. Good for him.
  3. I know that the General has got his troops interest at heart, but to say his guys can't afford to eat?! I know the PAYD experience aint exactly the Ritz, but it's not THAT bad. Try eating 3 meals a day for £4 outside, even in McCrapalds.
  4. This was discussed a week or so ago. It boils down to young squaddies pissing their salary up against the wall by mid month and not having the cash to pay for their food in the mess.
  5. From today’s Sun (June 5th 08)

    ARMY chiefs are “starving†trainee soldiers at the infamous Deepcut barracks, Government inspectors have claimed.
    They slammed the quality of food and the size of portions, saying recruits often have to pay for extra meals to get enough grub.
    Inspectors went to the Surrey barracks last month to check the running of 25 Training Regiment.
    Their report identifies just two “key strengths†but THIRTEEN areas for improvement
  6. In the Stun

    And the Torygraph

    fwiw he's right, Defence is underfunded. However the quarters issue is an easy shot for him; funding is reasonable for the planned upgrades but the programme of works is quite lengthy.
  7. Anyone remember the catering scandal at Collingrad in the 70's?
    The caterers were selling off all the good stuff and giving us substandard food.
    The catering officer lost his commission and most of the senior rates were busted.
    The food after that was pretty good and a lot more variety as well.
  8. Am reminded of an occasion when I was "dining" at Collingrad. A bloke with a rather plumby accent (don't know if he was an officer who'd stumbled in there by mistake) leaned over the counter and said "Chef, what can you recommend?". The catering lad, who was about 14, thought about it for a few seconds and then replied "Chips". Nuff said!
  9. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    'Defence funding' and 'the amount troops have to spend on food' are not mutually exclusive.

    Actually having said that, I've heard from Norman that some Service personnel are spending so much money of dining on board that they cannot afford to buy iPods...


  10. Im not saying that young lads cant afford to eat. But some of the sub contractors are giving 3 shit core choices. Just so that lads are having to spend more money on retail choices.
    Not that lads are starving. But it has been a stealth rise in food costs. As man of these retial choices would have been core meals a year ago.
  11. Did anyone really believe that it would be fair?
  12. Pay As You Dine! For as long as I've been in I have heard matlots moaning about having to pay for meals they don't eat and "why can't the just pay for what they do".

    Those with common sense (minority) have always said that it would end up being a bad idea for many reasons but still Jack and Jenny moaned about it until they got what they wanted.

    Profit will always rule where the system is contracted out to a civilian firm. I think the lesson to be learned here is "be careful what you wish for".

  13. Hello again all you naughty sailorboys.this thread in particular got my hackles up,reading the remarks about food costs and so on.Being an old P.O.chef I find it fkucin appaling that you serving members have to pay for scran in the ways described etc. I get quite engaged in the political scene on various issues from time to time and frequently correspond with an MP. of some renown,who incidentaly is known for being a pain in the arris to the Broon/blairite mob in the Minster.I'd love to get as much feedback(genuine stuff not just drippin for the sake of it.) as pos. my pal would and does speak regularly and vehemently in support of all our service personnel, he'd love to get his teef into some of the food issues(no pun intended)CLUE; Bliar and co. expelled my mate from the real labour party some time ago. cheers shipmates.

  14. I still can't understand the fuss here. Ashore you used to pay for three meals a day, seven days a week whether you wanted it or not. Now you pay for what you eat. What is the problem?
  15. Nothing for your pal George to get into really

    Those that wanted to live ashore and play the I have a pad life, objected to seemingly (obviosly) having a wage that included free meals, that they did not take So wanted the cash to use as they wished

    So they rebelled and wanted a pay to dine, which they all got
    You eat you pay, you do not eat here you pay elsewhere ie their pad

    Now the good old pay to dine contractors, give you a basic meal for pennies, or an enhanced a la carte for much more

    Down the line the contractors have now made the core meals unpalatable so you have to pay the full whack a la carte for a decent edible meal

    OR as some do, get paid Thursday, drink it all Fri Sat Sun and have no cash left to pay for the edible meal just the trash and sometimes not even that
    Spotty plebs that can not budget, but know if they cry enough will get fed somehow

    It should have stayed as is
    Your meal is here take it, If you want to play at civvies then go ahead just do not expect everyone to starve to provide you with your flash lifestyle ashore

    GEORGE would be wasting his time

    Be careful what you wish, it may come true
    I wished I had a tadge that touched the ground and my legs dropped off

    Jack McH
  16. ahoy J.Machammocklashing,thanks for the updated info on the scran.Its a long time since Ileft the mob and in my day all Ican remember was stacks of good scran,occasionally some pirck would drain down if it wasn't to their liking but Ican't recall any complaints about what yours truly served up. Agree totally though"Be careful what you wish for etc".thanks again shipmate. yours Enlightened in the beautifooooool scottish Borders

    UP SPIRITS..........SPLICEEEERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Don't forget that there are married squaddies with children, not just the single soldier in single accommodation.
  18. What's that to do with PAYD?
  19. What's the average cost of a meal at a shore establishment then. Also was surprised at people on the Lusty programme complaining about the meals. Have they never heard of, if you don't like it, then don't eat it.
  20. You can get away with eating three hot meals a day for under a fiver.
    I've never had any gripes with the food. Certainly better for you than eating Maccie D's, KFC and Pot Noodle

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