Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by platypi, Aug 25, 2007.

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  1. Ok, first of all hello all,

    I'm thinking of joining once I've graduated from my masters of geoscience, so in two years time,

    and I know im probably going to be openly mocked for this question... but is it possible to be be vegetarian/vegan in the navy?

    Before I get the "pull yourself together its good for you", I've been veggie since i was about 2 or 3, and I pretty much can no longer digest meat, so its not so much of a personal choice anymore, as an "i'll throw up if I eat that"
    I'm also lactose intolerant, so I eat very little cheese or milk/cream etc. and trust me, its far far worse to be around me than to be me if I break that rule... lol

    I did try eating fish for about a month, but it wasnt too great,

    So my question, to clarify, is what are my chances of actually eating if I join?

    Thanks, Kate
  2. I doubt it is impossible but the already limited choice of food will be further reduced by being veggie. They do have veggie options at meal time, hopefully there are some serving veggies on here that can speak from personal experience.

    You will missing out on Cheesey Hammy Eggy as a result, so you may want to reconsider...
  3. platypi

    You will get fed but the choice is not always great
  4. Hello Platypi,

    Do you have a more than one personality?

    I only ask because I'm assuming your name is the plural of Platypus.

    As for food, I'd give your Careers Office a wee phone, not about the food selection, but it might be worthwhile discussing your lactose intolerance. If they are anything like Ninja_Stoker, they will be very helpful.
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Come on lads, even in the '60's there was a Veggie choice, don't put meat on your plate, or if its already on there leave it and eat everything else

    I would imagine it would be very difficult to be an absolute Vegan in the truest sense of the word, you will, onboard ship, be living in very close company with other. I suppose it depends on your definition of a Vegan. A perfectly serious question for you, would not being Vegan prevent you from killing people???
  6. thanks,

    Choice is nice, but not always essential, as long as there is food, ill be fine.

    And cheesy hammy eggy?
    Student living, its not the end of the world until someones opened a can of beans, put it directly on a hob and thrown in some miscellaneous meat with the comment, "I'tll cook at the same time... this way theres no washing up... i dont even need cutlery, i can drink it from the can..."
    that or the sniff test, "how longs it been out of date?" "two months" " does it smell ok?" "shrug" "ok then"

    none of that personally id like to add... lol
  7. actually i set up a company a year or so ago called platypi, my friends thought it was a funny name, and it just stuck, whether there is more than one of me in here i couldnt say... ah well, the navy might get two for the price of one
  8. when i say vegetarian/vegan, its mostly because i cant/shouldnt eat dairy products, not that i think eating them is fundamentally wrong, ive never had much time for the hard core, see the world in black and white, vegans. Generally i feel things should be take on individual circumstances, so if someone was going to kill me, id think it pretty sensible to prevent them, or to kill them first

    woah, this possibly isnt the time or the place for such philosophical sidelines, i'll have to get back to the rocks,
    god, bank holiday weekend, and im looking at rock samples...
  9. Dont expect much more from navy chefs lol
  10. There really is no point in joining up if you can't have 'babies heads', it's the best part of anyones 25 years.

  11. Very true......nothing better after a run to end up in the Traf Club for Babies Eads chips and mushy peas :w00t:
  12. The drool is running down my chin thinking about it - then again it might just be you avatar.

    PS Is that a pea on the end before he got mushy?
  13. Vegetarian, I would think that this would be no problem, its an eating choice. Vegan, may be a little harder, as this is really a LIFE style, and would be difficult, good quality working boots and shoes are made from leather for a good seaman like reason, Imitation leather would fall apart. I should imagine that you would have the P!ss ripped out of you, much the same as brown hatters and Jesus freeks. HOWEVER: I left the mob 7 years ago and Things could have changed for the better.. Enjoy.
  14. I Can smell it from here Ah!!!!! Traf Club Big Eats on to the Shipwrights Arms O Halcion Days... :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
  15. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator


    Getting back on topic...

    A vegetarian diet shouldn't be a problem but vegan would be. I know of a fair few vegetarians serving and apart from the odd problem (notably the wrong ration packs being issued), it really shouldn't be a problem. You'd be surprised at the amount of 'vegetarians' there are when it comes to queuing up for scran onboard when the other choices don't take their fancy. I know from experience onboard that the chefs don't have a problem knocking up a veggie dish for vegetarians and I'll tell you one thing-it looked bloody lovely everytime!

    Personally, I couldn't see the point of going on living without a decent steak but each to their own! :thumright:
  16. I'm really sorry for butting in on your topic Platty, but I have to ask the other guys... what the hell is a baby's head?

  17. They use them for breathing, sucking their mothers breast and being sick with. Now babies heads are something completely different.
  18. Snake a kidaly pudding
  19. Or at least, that's the theory!!
  20. And Babies Bag-meals are different again!!

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