Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by brazenhussy, Jan 5, 2007.

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  1. hey up!
    just been watching day time crap tv, one of those celeb cooking things, and it struck me we eat some right weird shit in the mob!!!
    cheesy hammy eggys - my civvy mate Ali had never heard of them!!
    train smash - again she was clueless!! :roll:
  2. Why not produce a receipe book with the latest names and sell it on, especially as you've got time to watch day time TV!?
  3. haha might just do that whilst on leave!
  4. dont forget
    tank tracks, babies heads and shit on a raft
  5. My eldest brother joined the mob in 52..said the best scran he ever ate was 'Hong Kong Supper'...all the leftovers on diners plates was de-boned and put in a stainless steel bucket ready for when Jack appeared after his run, a large ladel full of the plate scrapings was cooked in the wok, so you would get beef,pork ,duck,chicken, king prawns, rice and soft and crispy noodles plus all the differing sauces for the price of 10 cents rates at the time would have been about 15 dollars HK to the old penny
  6. I ordered a cheesy hammy eggy recently in Honfleur in France - after my starter dish of escargot baked with brie and cream and served with warm bread (yummy). It was lovely. I don't know whether it was up to naval standards though as I've never tasted an authentic Pusser cheesy hammy eggy. :(
  7. Tank tracks?
  8. tank tracks??? please elaborate?
    grossest thing i ever had was mountain goat in montserrat - NOTHING like it sounds!!!
  9. Tank tracks are those horrible king Rib things we sometimes get at luchtimes. If you want something close to it and not in the Mob anymore, then the McRib is pretty close (or do I mean Gross?)
  10. How about some Koi Carp, yuk bland and tastless !!
  11. Or sticky Biscuit !!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  12. What about Train smash. Cackle berries. Frog in a bog. Niggers in the snow. Frog spawn.

    Keep Striving.
  13. what the f**k is niggers in the snow
  14. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Chinese wedding cake with sultanas thrown in
  15. fails_as_is

    fails_as_is Badgeman Book Reviewer

    I noticed today that the people who make SPAM are quite happily marketing Nellie's Daps. I feel that's a very bold move in the light of efforts like Jamie Oliver's school dinners. Right on! Nothing like a good bit of old fashioned honest saturated fats.
  16. Son cooked roast loin of pork with bacon and herb mash....bloody crabs are turning him gay!
  17. at least ur son can cook- i cant!!!
  18. brazenhussy - God that brings back some memories i used to love them cheesy, hammy eggys. Yum, Yum. Might make myself that for tea one night this week.
  19. God them horrible Tank tracks used to make me feel sick, even after just one bite. URGH!

    And if you went for scran late theyd be the only things left!!!!! YUCK!!!
  20. Hi

    Are Tank Tracks still available. I know I used to have them on the menu when I was in, but I would have thought in the light of jamie Oliver and the Turkey Twizzlers they would have been banned.

    Spithead Pheasant, B.I.T.S, T.I.T.S & S.H.I.T.S., Ari-gonies, breakfast pizza, *iggers dick, (I don't think we should use that word at all- see above), 'errings In, Elephants footprints and Cheese Ush, those i can remember at the moment.

    I used to love making the Icecream on board, Ice cream powder, different colourings and flavourings. Chocolate coloured strawberry ice cream, green coloured ornge flavoured, oh how the hours used to rush by.......... :oops:

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