Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by snapdragon, Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. What's food like in the Navy? I'm not fussy (far from it), just curious. I know everyone likes to drip about it, but i wouldn't mind knowing the sort of stuff that's served up. I'm only a wee lass, i need plenty of calories otherwise i don't work right :)
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  3. Wait for it... :twisted:
  4. Food is generally good but can be a little monotonous in some places. Usually cater for most tastes though and it's free at sea (cause you don't have a choice on going somewhere else).

    Not quite the fast food world that the modern teenager enjoys so much though.

  5. You know, i see people queueing for McDonalds even on a Sunday dinnertime. Eurgh.
    I think it doesn't sound too bad. Got to beat my cooking anyway! Naw, i'm not too bad but i've cooked since i left school 'cause my mom's shocking at it. And it'd be nice not to have to!
  6. Fuckin' awesome - though it can get a bit repetitive. However you try changing a menu that the traditionalists like, eg: Chinese Nights, Pizza Night, Steak Night, Roast lunch on Sun, Fish on Friday, etc. Although it seems like a little thing, you cannot imagine the confusion the reigns when steak appears on Wednesday. As for calories - a hell of a lot of them, but there is a high fat content. after all - we need the energy for all the exercise we do and the constant activity of life on a ship - my arse.
  7. Shore based galley scran used to be pretty good when we had matelot/bootie chefs, now it's contracted out ..... let's just say Jamie Oliver's input would'nt go amiss!
  8. Yeah we could roast the little twat over a spit :lol:
  9. 8O always wanted an excuse to be a veggi! :oops:
  10. Mmmm, steak? Sounds good. What's the veggie stuff like? Tell me it's not constant nut roast :)

    I try to get a lot of calories in through carbohydrates, i have a ridiculously fast metabolism- i never put on weight and get super tired if i don't eat all the time.
  11. Hi Snappy
    When you get to Raleigh you should find quite a varied menu, my favourite was charcoaled walnut encrusted salmon fillet with a white wine cream sauce, cold and crisp dry Riesling to drink and for the sauce, lightly steamed and flash sautéed with fresh minced garlic crisp asparagus and fingerling white potatoes,
    Appetizer, small bread rolls fresh from the galley ovens and cut as thin as they dare, then ask for them to be lightly toasted with a topping of creamed cheese wrapped with smoked salmon. Or keeping with the salmon theme, fresh salmon roe, smoked salmon, was always a favorite on the Albion. Neufchatel, chopped shallot, capers, crackers and a glass of crisp Domain Canneries,

    Picture a stainless palate, with the white wine sauce on 1/2, salmon fillet in center, potatoes on side and asparagus fanned out over the salmon, maybe a few cherry tomato halves for a good red color, sprig of basil, lemon wedge and chive spears to finish garnish.
    Desert should be Thai with sticky rice cooked in sweetened coconut milk served hot with half of an ice cold mango on top.

    Hope this helps

  12. My ribs hurt UA, cheers
  13. I can just imagine that! I bet half the school leavers can't even sit at a table. That'd be priceless.
  14. How do you fancy eating baby's heads? They're obviously properly cooked with steam rising from the soft white tops...
  15. Pay as you dine is great if you like a diverse Pizza diet. The common phrase is “would you like chips with that?â€
    Shore side the food is ok but pay as you dine now requires you to save money to pay for scran. Our ABs are not eating for a week at the end of the month.

    At the beginning its all burgers and pizzas because the Core meal is bland and repetitive.

    Ships scran is exquisite and it’s free! BZ to the cooks…

    Cheesy Hammy Eggies rock!
  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    a selection from the 1960's and maybe beyond

    Shit on a raft
    Babies Heads
    Train Smash
    Eggie, Cheesie, Hammie.

    If you were lucky enough to be a conventional Boat Submariners everything came with just a touch of diesel, did nothing for the taste but kept you very regular, which Matron says is important.
  17. Food on base is shocking, even BRNC is run by Sodexho and is all Halal (even the pork somehow?!)

    Seriously though, when I've been on course and had a matelot or bootie cook, the food has been hoofing, yet when they contract it out its manufactured [email protected] on a plate!

    Let the Sailors or Booties cook and you'll have much happier servicemen/women, which means they will stay in longer, which saves the MOD money in the long run.
  18. Pot Noodle and a packet of Square Salt and Vinegar crisps from thr NAAFI go down a treat,leaves more room for the beers and the triple bacon cheese burger from the oggie van at 2345.
  19. Come on ladies and gents you are letting the side down. Defending the cehfs & Caterers? Whatever next praising the Wafus?
  20. S*hit On A Raft

    Gents, I'm a newbie directed to your auspicious pages from ARRSE. I have been searching for a definitive RN recipe for authentic RN S*hit On A Raft. Is it served anymore, can someone tell me the true way to prepare it and how much rum is in the authentic version?

    The Wardroom in HMS Charybdis (84/5ish) provided me with the best I've ever tasted, but nothing since has compared. Before the p*ss taking starts - no it wasn't particularly salty!

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