Food on boats

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Theresa, Oct 20, 2007.

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  1. Pusser scran

    :hungry: :hungry: :hungry: What about the "mess Pot"? The baby chef scooped up a soggy lable floating on top of the contents, probing deeper he found the intact tin.

  2. Re: Pusser scran

    I think you're referring to "Potmess" rather than Mess Pot.

    Potmess is/was a gastronimical feast of epic proportions, using up whatever was left over in the stores when a boat/ship was returning from a patrol etc. Virtually no ingredient was considered unusable in the mix, and it usually tasted "essence", especially when accompanied by a couple of tinnies, or a carefully concealed tot from the storage bottle!

    Happy days!!
  3. Re: Pusser scran

    Shit on a raft for breakfast - lovely, even better "babies heads" and baked beans
  4. Re: Pusser scran

    "Reader's Wives" = Liver & Bacon, I can still remember the XO's look when the baby Chef announced that one during rounds of the galley.
  5. Re: Pusser scran

    Thanks SkyVet, for the correction. It's fourty years since I hung-up my deep-sea boots.
    What was that other delecacy, a drink, "Kie" you scimmers needed for the first/morning watches?

    [pump from sea until you loose suction]
  6. Re: Pusser scran

    Moderator Mode

    May I refer you to a full recipes list of all of Jack's favorites and some more here. That may stop a full list being dragged out over days on this thread.

    Scran for Deeps

  7. Quick question, what's the food like on boats? Fresh bread available?
  8. Yet another bone question!!!
  9. It's better than your mum comes up with and of course there is fresh bread daily along with the milk and vegetables, what do you think the RFA fleet is for.

    No daily newspapers though, you only get Sunday papers.
  10. Yeah - each sub has an rfa in close proximity to divert the enemy !!!!!
  11. But of course A La Carte . With fresh bread baked daily, Patrick. Just ask the Chef if its not up to your taste/liking :w00t: :thumright: Ps He will lay on Stobhach Gaelach just for you :thumright: Over to you Red Sailor :thumright:
  12. Maccie D's, KFC, Take away Indian, Chinese or Pizza delivered by a steward to your cabin or place of duty. A heath Food bar for the "Grab and Go" busy people. Unlimited bottled water cos wot the distillers make is unsafe for drinking. What sort of bread do you eat most boats have a choice of at least 4, Rye, White, Stoneground wholemeal, Malted. This is just about the service submariners have come to expect.

    Or it maybe just the three choices at each meal, "Take it", "Leave it" or "Wear It", Just ask Babychef.

    In fact try answering some questions occassionaly instead of asking, then perhaps people will not think you are a Jouno or wind up merchant.

  13. We had to catch our own,wimps!
  14. Fer gawds sake!
    Where do these people get these questions from or more to the point why?
  15. Oh Dear Polycell, please do not knock the Newbies, they are our future.

    (Fnar, Fnar)
  16. Usually a massive Q outside the Chinese Takeaway on Friday night Im afraid
  17. How dare you complain about food on boats some of the navy's rarest delicacy's were standard aut cousine on boats, i.e Tram smash, Shit on raft, Potmess and the rare almost exstict Cackleberry, all served from the Michelin 5 star deli. A delight for any connoisseurof the finest cousine.
  18. Tut tut Chaps!

    A reasonable question from some one who has yet to sample such maritime gastronomic delights
    as Train Smash, Babies Heads, and of course that all time favourite Shit on a Raft.

    Dublintorncloth, forget your Gordon Ramsey, all of the above are now in the public domain,
    and can be found here:


  19. The food is food, either eat it or not. The chefs will not care one jot.
  20. That's two questions. :rendeer:

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