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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Patrick, Dec 5, 2010.

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  1. Is it poor at all bases or are Sultan chefs just retards? Everyone says its cheap but I'd rather just cook my own or pay extra for decent edible food.
  2. Judging by you avatar you should recat to the RAF you fooking puff.
  3. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    'Nuff said, redarse... :evil:
  4. Most other branch badges have evolved and altered over time; but surely today's baby Wafus are not STILL wandering around unescorted wearing that allegorical depiction of an early flying machine?

    Or are they?
  5. lol, a picture of a fixed wing when we don't have any! on the upside gosport do have some decent takeaways :lol:
  6. Your skipper might have something to say if you put a takeaway on your arm. 8)
  7. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Wait till you're on a ship. I hope you like biscuits, pot mess and stokers jitler.
  8. It's apparently gash everywhere. Fuck it; reckon Yeovil has a Dominoes nearby

    Also, scran here isn't as bad as everyone says IMO. Not that i go very often.
  9. Really? :lol:
  10. They have a Dominos and...that's pretty much what I live on.
  11. No wonder the RNs full of lardy arses. :roll:
  12. You and your fantasies... :roll:
  13. They should allow us to have cooking facilities or provide us with scran that isn't sh!t. It's not that bad, but that's considering it's £1.69 for three courses.

    Don't get much either.
  14. I see you're reverting to your old ways of posting utter cockwittery.

    Yeah, lets have everyone cooking in the grots, I'm sure Food Hygiene rules will be followed scrupulously and that incidents of food poisoning will remain steady. FFS, not even 2 quid for three courses and you're dripping?
    Get your mumsy to send you an aid package. :roll:
  15. For 1.69 for the value meals not the chef's specials is a bargin!

    Good to see the mongs in the WAFU branches dripping
  16. It's called Emma's :D

    Get yourself there and sample a "hairy kebab"
  17. Apologies for being a dinosaur, but in the good old days before Pay as You Dine, the Caterer used to be allocated a Daily Messing Rate (DMR) which changed monthly, usually roundabout £1.97 (ish). this was to feed each member of the Ships Co. three meals per day, which included all your Tea, Coffee, Wheaties, Preserves, Goffa's etc.
    If you take a Ships Co. of say 180, this equates to approx £354.60 per day. Out of that "income" the Caterer has to feed you a Full Fried + Cereals +tea, Coffee etc. also your Lunch and your Evening Meal + Duff (hot and cold). Many matelots who were surveyed choose to go down the PAYD option as their view was I dont have every meal so why should I still be charged for it (shoresideonly), which was quite understandable. So in a nut shell guys..... You got what you asked for. !!!
    Yes with pussers chefs scran may have been shit, but it was usually hot shit, and there was plenty of it, and we always used to make sure there was more than 1 choice on the counter.
    Pay as you Dine...... more like Pay for Your Crime ......
  18. I don't know what the fuss is all about. I have encountered PAYD on various RN and Pongo bases and the only time it's shit is at weekends when you should be ashore anyway.

    The quality of food is generally the same as what you got prior to PAYD anyway, except now there is more choice of crap.

    Bare in mind a lot of lads don't get up for breakfast and a lot of people would rather get a maccy d's ashore in the evening, then it makes sense. It also stops the RA lads seeing off the living in bods. Prior to PAYD you'd have to pay for 3 meals a day, including at weekends, even if you only ate lunch during weekdays.

    PAYD is for winners.
  19. The main problem I have is that it was decent when PAYD started and it's quickly gone downhill. There are other aspects that mean I don't go there, but being shit is the main one.

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