Fond memories of training

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by soleil, Jan 13, 2010.

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  1. The lad near the end of the video was on the Taurus deployment shown on Channel 5 last year.
  2. My worst memory was Peters Pool. BLOODY WET AND DRY ROUTINE IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER ??. God know how i managed to pass that week, but looking back on it, it was a great experience.
  3. its nice thinking back to it whilst in the comfort of my bed with the central heating on :lol:

    I was in training with some of those guys! :p :lol: :(

    edit: Just realised that all those videos are from 946 troop, the troop 2 weeks behind the one i was in - good find 8)
  4. Probably marching past the stands on our Kings Squad Passout looking at my old boy in tears was a fond memory for me...
  5. Capel Curig AT package. Waking up in the morning, -6 C outside and everything covered in frost inside. Perfect day to learn how to get out of a canoe ... underwater 8O
    or Ex Compass Rose (Navex Dartmoor), slightly damp underfoot and then "wet and wet routine". Gosh, how did the water get into my large pack 8O
    or That first night in the gronk's bop (next to the galley not the River Exe club) 8O :? :D
    or the amusement of watching the reaction to the seemingly innocent comment "I don't like green beans corporal." :lol:
    or the realisation that one man can wear 22 JWH and 7 combat jacket ... and live :wink:
    or being safe in the knowledge that on a wet day you don't need gortex ... you need Eros :idea:
    or after being told not to go into Exmouth by your training team, what happens to someone who does (and tries to trap the TLs daughter) :evil:
    or ultimately that you were capable of doing what seemed impossible 32 weeks before :lol:

    All in all it was a whirl of meories and they don't need to be good to be part of the overall experience that sets RM training apart from all other services.


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