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Signing in English?? - but presumably this boat is on show in Russia?

A few words of comparison between Foxtrot and its contemporary RN boats would be most interesting (for this non-submariner). Effectiveness? habitability?
I did some maintenance on one of these when it was being prepared for display in Sydney. The bloke in charge of getting it ready for the public had son who was a submariner , so he asked a few of his oppos if they wanted to lend a hand.

The boat had sat alongside virutually abandoned for several years, so the first job was cleaning out all the shit the Russians left behind. We found everything from tinned food to BRs and even a weapon in a tube. This caused some concern until it was found to be an inert practice shape. Also the previous ships company had expressed their displeasure with the Soviet Navy by shitting in every nook and cranny they could find before abandoning the boat.

An interesting couple of weeks, but bloody hard work though.
Not for nothing were they known as 'Fuzzy Foxtrots'. The flutter from their 3 by 6 propellor configuration was never forgotten once heard. Bit disconcerting hearing their MMSF though...got to be within 50 feet for that. Close...us...no sir, never, we wouldn't have dared.

I know underwater lookee range is closer...but that's usually done when the beastie is on the roof. Hearing main motor hum from a dived Soviet type one diesel submarine on batteries as he passes in front is very steely eyed indeed. Not that we ever did any of this mind...what...we left all of that to the US Navy. After all THEY won the Cold War and WE were just allies. Sigh...what would we have done without them?
Went on the FOXTROT when she was alongside the Thames Barrier, well worth a look around. Must've been dodgy being Casing Party though - it was like a racing bike saddle.
Managed to watch them do some of the filming for K19 the widowmaker from my office window in Halifax, they used a Juliett class submarine as a stand in for a Hotel class submarine, had to laugh when the movie came out and in one of the scenes where there is this supposedly American Destroyer in the background it's actually one of our old river class DDH's that had to be towed out and left in that position....( I think it was the HMCS Fraser or Gatineau, either of which were in mothballs...)and yet the budget for the flic was almost 100 Million USD... :money:
Arrsey: I believe it was the AntiChrist that they hauled in for a screen shot. I remember that fliming as well. Coming into work one morning and the civvy side of the dockyard had changed from English to Russian overnight.

We got so tired of the civvy DND gals swooning everytime they thought they spotted Ford, that we played Widowmaker Crossword and everytime his name was mentioned or someone said they saw him we'd knock off a word. I won about 300 bucks off that game.

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