Follow-Up Interview

Anyone had one of these? I'm told it's every six months after passing your application stage interview. Just wondering what to expect if/when I'm asked to attend.
Dont stress mate. Really all I was asked when I went in for mine was what I had been geting upto, How my fitness was coming along, what I was planning on doing in the meantime etc etc. And really just general chit chat about the RN and your job. Simple and straight forward, took about all of ten minutes.

Hope this helps :)
i must be due one and to be honest im looking forward to it because lets face it you passed the original one its not gonna be pass/ failure, you will get to ask any question u have thought of in the last 6 month and have a good chat about rn
I got told I will be interviewed every 6 months aswell, Like the other guy said I'm looking forward to it aswell, no pressure this time, the first one wasn't even bad so the next ones should be a cake walk


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I too was told every six months, also was told it would probably be over the phone, havent heard a thing since my SIFT in January 2010.
In that case dabbzie, I'm pretty sure its called a ' selection interview ' for ratings. Rather than a ' sift interview ' for officer candidates ;)
Its alright dabbzie. I believe we passed our PJFT and Selection interview very very close to each other :D

Hope your waiting hasn't been too bad so far :)
I've got my follow up interview on 24th September. My CA said it would be exactly the same as my original interview (why I want to join etc) and would last an hour and a half.

I don't need to do my follow up interview every 6 months though, like some guys's every 12 months for me.

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