Follically Challenged ? No need to be. Read on.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Scran_Bag, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. Follically challenged or just plain old balding ? There's no need to be now, an article in todays Basra Express & Scimitar announces.
    Heralding a radical new procedure to end hair loss for males, Dr. Tariq Yuredov from The Baghdad Institute for Decapitation of Infidels & Religious Harmony, states, " One swift cut and baldness will be a thing of the past ".
    Volunteers are requested to test out this new cure, especially from amongst the Aid Worker, Missionary or Military Infidel communities.
  2. Ere, I read The Basra Express & Scimitar and I think you're pullin my pisser !!
  3. Follically Challenged? I suffer from slippage, hair which once grew upwards now grows downwards and normally exits from either the nostrils or ears so will excuse myself this new procedure.

  4. That's not slippage of hair - that's redistribution.
    Redistribution is when you have the same amount of hair as when you were younger but it just grows from different places.
  5. Well in my case its migrated from my head to my back - as furry as one of Rosie's pussies I suspect :? I'd rather it remigrated back to where it rightfully belongs - keeping my ears warm in winter.
  6. Don't think re-migration is possible yet.
    If you don't have sufficient natural ear-hair to keep them warm then try a comb up from your arse (preferably after shampooing it first)
  7. When your going bald and grey at the same time, why is it that the grey ones never fall out :?: :cry:
  8. Its not bald, its solar power for a sex machine!

  9. Simple physics really, you get older and gain more knowledge and the brain increases in size and pushes out the hair.
    Therefore people with hair are just not as clever....... yet
    PS Don't see too many bald women do you? (Bald head I mean)
  10. Oh Ling that is a very very dangerous thing to say! I think you are trying to be a wee bit provocactive are you not!

    Now there's a good matelot, get back in your box and don't come out until you can play nicely!
  11. Yes Mum 8O
  12. Good grief Ling, you are doing what you are told! Are you not well!
    You've been a very naughty matelot, come to mummy!

  13. In the words of the fast show.....
    I'm sorry, I've just cum..... :oops:
  14. I'll go along with Lingyai's theory re more brain means less hair, therefore, "Grass doesn't grow on a busy street".

    But what about "An empty barn needs no thatch"

    Never did understand old sayings.
  15. Im not going bald, Im just getting more and more face to wash
  16. Can I have some Discipline as well Rosie , :D
  17. Why Dondon? Have you been a naughty boy?

  18. No , but I can be , :roll:

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