FMG Football Team - Where did we play?

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I served at HMS Nelson with FMG in 1990/91 and every week we played football(11s) on a group of pitches in Portsmouth against other ships & establishment, I cant for the life of me remember where they were or what they were called. Can anyone enlighten me?

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I played for Pompey FMG 88-89. We played at Eastney Barracks, Burnaby Rd, Governors Green (by the ruined church) the Civil Service pitches in front of Billy Manning's , Dryad, Collingwood and Sultan.

I also played for Eastney Lions (the MQ community centre team)



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I loved my Navy football - kicking some cocky sprog marine 6ft up in the air when he tryed to 'skin the old fart' are some of my greatest memories.

Still got the scars from the gravel ones Faslane, Gib, Portland accomodation (WAFU's had the posh grass one at bottom of hill.)

always remember games in the evenings in Singers - each with our crate of Tiger to rehydrate afterwards

A claim to fame - playing for Pembroke 76 (on the old depot pitch with the stand long gone now) we won the Captains cup and the medals were in the shape of a VC as it was the anniversary of Boy Cornwall's death - presented by his great nieice or somthing

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