FMAA Tom Wilkinson - Ark Royal

FMAA Tom Wilkinson

I am trying to track down Tom Wilkinson as he is my paternal grandfather. He was married to my grandma so is aware that he as a son any information you may have would be so greatfully recieved as i feel it is now or never. I understand that this is sensative and will not do anything Tom does not want. I would really appreciate anything.

Warmest Regards

Going back quite a few years when I was a dog handler serving at H.M.P.Long Lartin we used to hold training days on the fields belonging to the then B.B. C. training school at WoodNorton Nr. Evesham. Tom was a house manager [head porter] there and often took an interest in what we were doing. This is going back to the early and mid 80s. The establishment is now a hotel the name of which escapes me. I hope this has been some help to you.

All went really well better than i could have expected. Been to see Tom 4 times and stayed the weekend we are all getting on REALLY well
Claire, I was so pleased to read your post and that all is going well. I was on the Ark Royal the same time as Tom, he was our MAA and a really decent guy, firm but fair
always bought me a pint when I did a stint as Cheif's messman. Good luck for the future.
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