FMAA Tom Wilkinson - Ark Royal

Discussion in 'Nearest & Dearest' started by Claire Phillips, May 11, 2011.

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  1. FMAA Tom Wilkinson

    I am trying to track down Tom Wilkinson as he is my paternal grandfather. He was married to my grandma so is aware that he as a son any information you may have would be so greatfully recieved as i feel it is now or never. I understand that this is sensative and will not do anything Tom does not want. I would really appreciate anything.

    Warmest Regards

  2. An example of a bump for Claire.
    Because BOOTWU might have a point.
  3. what is BOOTWU lol
  4. Contact me by PM Claire.
  5. Would it be impolite to ask if that we can be told how this ends up? Would be great if it all ends up warm and fuzzy.
  6. Good idea, but if it ends nasty, you can cuddle your own teddy, mines special. And black.
  7. How do you find it in the dark then? I mean the teddy:razz:
  8. Hi,

    All went really well better than i could have expected. Been to see Tom 4 times and stayed the weekend we are all getting on REALLY well
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  9. Going back quite a few years when I was a dog handler serving at H.M.P.Long Lartin we used to hold training days on the fields belonging to the then B.B. C. training school at WoodNorton Nr. Evesham. Tom was a house manager [head porter] there and often took an interest in what we were doing. This is going back to the early and mid 80s. The establishment is now a hotel the name of which escapes me. I hope this has been some help to you.
  10. Claire, I was so pleased to read your post and that all is going well. I was on the Ark Royal the same time as Tom, he was our MAA and a really decent guy, firm but fair
    always bought me a pint when I did a stint as Cheif's messman. Good luck for the future.
  11. Fcuk me you guys are great, makes me proud to have been a matelot BZ
  12. They didn't come any better then Tom, what a great character.
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