Flying to Gib with a NTO and ID card.

Out of the blue yesterday I got asked to box for HMS Bulwark over in Gib. All good so far, except I cant locate my passport anywhere. Ive got a Nato Travel order from the UPO but they couldnt categorically state if Id be allowed to fly with that and my ID card. Anyone ever done this or know if im likely to run into any snags?
I think you should be OK, but clearly you can't rely on a Friday night bottle of wine's opinion.

How long have you got to sort it out? Your UPO, even if they don't have the answer at their finger tips, should be able to get a definitive answer for you with a bit of searching.

Ultimately I think whoever is sponsoring the journey should do some legwork on your behalf.

Be good to see a clubswinger actually put something in the fancy, important looking folder that they all mince, sorry, jog, around with.
Clubswinger and his clipboard....................there's a memory.

I remember when I was out in Gib 2000\01. Some of the reserves flew out on a NTO with there ID card. So it definitely was possible, but I can't speak for today.

Hope you get it sorted


In 2004 I went to Gib for the tri-centenary celebrations with some of our boats ships company that were doing the guard for the Queens colour and we took two lads on a NTO as they could not find their passports.Have you tried contacting the RAF at Gib ATC they may have an answer or Navy Ops,you can get their number thro MOD operator
flying out monday morning. Will try and get hold of Navy ops in meantime. Ultimately looks like im going to try winging it and hope they let me fly - rang easyjet this morning and they couldnt give a definative answer either.
Nope wont happen fella, I got crashed drafted on to Cornwall 2 years ago and had to fly into Belfast but back from Tromso. My passport had expired, I was told Belfast wouldnt be a problem but there was no way I was going to get back from Norway on a Nato Travel Order.
As Gib is an International flight and not a domestic one you will need a passport. I had to rush up to Newport to get one.
The wife travelled between the UK and Germany several times on a NTO and ID card around 2003 time while her passport was being renewed. In fact, UK Immigration inspected it more closely than the Germans did.
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