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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Father_Famine, Jun 8, 2006.

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  1. Are you flying the Cross of St George, Union Flag or Ensign (apologies to our Overseas members) or are you concerned for the Health and Safety of other Road Users, or that you may offend Non English residents?

    Do our Overseas Members fly the flag during times of National Fervour (World Cup, there I mentioned it) or are they discouraged by bureaucrats from demonstrating their patriotism?

    We have Bunting around the front of the Stately Pile and have further Ensigns on standby should the team progress.

    If this is the wrong forum please fell free to move it along, in the interests of , free speech, Health and Safety and Human Rights of course.
  2. As my national team is not taking part I shall not be flying any flags at present apart from the Red Duster on my yacht.

    I might respectfully suggest that flying the Union Flag or an Ensign would be innapropriate to show your support for an England team. It is however refreshing to see that most England fans have realised this and are sporting St Georges Crosses instead.

  3. Long may England fans fly the St George's Cross.

    God help us all the day they cant...but if some are allowed to have their way it will soon be illegal to fly any patriotic flag for fear of offending some minority / immigrant / Eurocrat.

    During Euro 2004 I was visiting HMS SHERWOOD and a huge % of cars were sporting a little St G X. A fellow Jock complained but was swiftly put right by me.

    Pride in one's Country is inbuilt in us all and should be activly encouraged.

    Technically speaking Union Flags / Ensigns should not be used to support any one individual home Country but HEY! it's a UNION.
  4. Right On Merchantman.

    Maybe some will realise it is a Union.

    But what the hell, they only make themselves seem pathetic with their whining about flags - not counting the ones who do it as a windup - there has to be more important things to worry about surely? :roll:

    I have, in the past, and will continue to do so, follow whichever GB nation gets through the rounds in any sporting event.

    Even Rab C Nesbitt took the mick out of his own people - take a leaf out of his book and laugh you miseries....
  5. Unfortunately many in England only see it as a Union when it gives them the opportunity to boss some one else about.

  6. I won't be flying flags from my car because I think it's a bit pikey and I don't drive a beaten up Mondeo. However I will be wearing an England shirt to watch the games and will be getting crappers on Cider. Unfortunatley St Georges flags are being used like christmas lights to see who can have the poorest taste when decorating their cars and houses.

    I can't see the point in the Flag of St George, I'm British so my flag is the Union Jack. The U J is what fills my chest with pride. Not the st george as Ive seen to many skin head scum rubbishing that flag whilst rioting in other countries.
  7. I presume you mean the 'many' being politicians ?
  8. Nope

  9. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I shall be flying a 10 foot Ensign during England games because I agree, the George Cross has been abused and turned into a Pikey emblem, I drove over one which had snapped off some gimps mondeo on the M25 last Friday and was horrified! tried to swerve to avoid it at around 70mph(honest)- something I wouldn't even do for a cat!
  10. St George's flags on cars! Lovely! Isn't it? Welcome to the world of the chav.

    I shall watch the games and cheer our boys until they botch up the inevitable penalty shoot-out, then return to watching better sport.

    Gib will be awash with British flags through the whole thing and if England beats any spanish-speaking nation, stand by!!
  11. Not even for a cat poor tiddles what has he done to deserve a Michelin tread??

    So glad I am not working with Joe piss head public anymore.

    Not flying the flag not supporting your team well actually the team does not belong to me if it did they would be paid about fifty quid a week sand not obscene money for a week that it would take the majority of us two lifetimes to earn.

    Yeh the advertisement people have worked wonders again buidling up the sales pitch to go out and buy all sorts of crap to show you are supporting "your" team when in fact all you are doing is keeping a load of chinks in work in some sweatshop in downtown chinaland.

    Try supporting your country by picking up your crap you leave behing after a session at the pub and a quick takeaway. Anybody got a few claymores going spare? Or a few dingbats[are they still around] pissed up shitheads trashing the garden on the way home from the pub.

    Best falg and even a flag I have seen has to be the ensign flying from a rooftop. Is that legal???

    Moneybags in his converted barn thing was flying the manx flag[in the UK]. Is that legal??? Another tax dodging place that Blair was going to sort out when he came into power.
  12. Thanks for the replies, I agree whole heartedly about the flags in the doors of cars, very chav and very iffy at 80 on a motorway if it decides it wasn't built for anything faster than my sons pedal car.

    With regards St Georges Cross, Ensigns etc

    I have St George Cross Bunting, left over from ST Georges Day Party earlier this year + two St George flags flying around the house, all positioned at the request of mrs Father Famine and Kid.

    I have a couple of 8 ft (ish) Ensigns ready to go up, and an assortment of Union Flags which I prefer to fly anyway because they show my allegiance to Britain of which England is a part and also to the RN of which I was once a part.
  13. It is a shame that more flags don't fly when the lads go into conflict, I for one did when we invaded Iraq, regardless of the rights or wrongs we still have to support our brothers in arms. To fly flags for football? Good luck to em, I wouldn't and I think it looks crap on cars but then again so are grown men wearing football strips and 3 quarter length trolleys trying to "dress up" like footballers. Just my opinion though and if they aren't bovvered neither am I.
  14. I find it somewhat depressing that apparently so many Englishmen see the public display of support for their national team, especially at the time of the World Cup to be chavish or pikey.

  15. I'm pretty sure it's illegal for your house to be wearing a white ensign (Think it comes under the Merchant Shipping Act 1995) but there again how many people out there actually know?

    Union flag, no probs. However, you're committing an offence if you stick one on a boat!
  16. They won't get as far as the penalty shoot-out.
  17. Maxi, you just have to look at 90% of the people that adorn their cars with St George Flags.

    Not the type of people I want be associated with.
  18. Keep St George in my heart, keep me English,
    Keep St George in my heart I pray,
    Keep St George in my heart, keep me English
    Keep me English 'til my dying day.

    If it wasn't for the English you'd be Krauts
    If it wasn't for the English you'd be Krauts
    If it wasn't for the English, wasn't for the English,
    If it wasn't for the English you'd be Krauts.


    Sorry, couldn't help myself. :D :D :D
  19. I think it quite interesting that most countries are rather intimidated by the image of hundreds of boozing english football fans clad in their patriotic regalia. I still clearly remember the news pictures of the beer bellied, skin headed yobs who decimated Marsailles in Euro 1996 & referred to their activities as 'The Crusades'.

    But my friends from Eastern Europe think it's a fine thing, especially if it's a match vs Germany.

  20. A true story from 3 weeks ago. Three Lts walking through COLLINGWOOD and a green MPV drives past with a stupid St George's flag flying from it. Ten seconds later, cue irate Commodore who had jumped out and bollocked said officers for not saluting him - the "St George's flag" was actually a Cdre's pennant! Apparently since World Cup fever took hold of chavdom, and the fact that no-one knows what the new Cdre looks like (Big Nance was everywhere!) everyone is ignoring him in his not-particularly-officer-like car and he is getting very upset. Bless.....

    PS Isn't this subject also covered pretty well here?! :lol:

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