Flying Rats

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by matelo99, Apr 8, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone please tell me why I'm not allowed to shoot f *&^ing Seagulls??? Walking along the beach with Mrs M. and all of a sudden I feel a gust of wind look down to see one of these flea ridden flying vermin making off with my bloody ice cream!!!!!! Why can't I do the country a good turn and shoot some of the feckers?!?!?!?!!?!

    Any advice gratefully accepted.
  2. one of the greedy sods flew off with my husband's sarnie at the Gweek Seal Sanctuary - effing oggie eating little bugger
  3. The shitehawks used to nest on the flat roofed buildings in Rosyth dockyard, and consequently got blown off in the high winds.
    We used to have herds of flightless young uns running about, and trying to get anywhere on foot at this time meant you had to duck and run, as the parents dived you. Quite dodgy, really!

    Pest control would come in over a weekend and blat the young uns, so the parents had nothing to hang around for.

    Peace would descend again, and we could head for the Fleet Canteen without getting molested.
  4. G R. Rather harsh! Mr GR seems a rather nice bloke.
  5. :thumright:
  6. There was a time when you could feed the sods carbide .. it makes them thirsty .. shitehawk has a drink .. carbide and water makes aceteline gas .. bang! No more shitehawk!
  7. I asked my dad once we didn't do more to get rid of the sh1thawks and he told me that there is a very old superstition in the Navy that they contain the souls of sailors lost at sea. (as opposed to the Albatross that carries their souls to where ever they are going) Not many of the old time sailors will take the risk that the story is true, so they leave them be.

    I keep meaning to look up the origin of that superstition maybe now I'll have time.
  8. Reminds me of the Brighton & Hove Albion rallying cry: Seal cull ! Seal cull !
  9. Tell that to some of the jacks I served with, who put bicarb inside bread chunks for the hawks to eat, and as they flew away exploded in blood and feathers - quite spectacular really. :lol:
    That and fishing for shark and garfish during Beira Patrol, helped us pass the time away ....

    And No! I never did it myself .... :|
  10. We seem to be plagued with not only sea gulls but lake gulls as well. Those beasties can be found in their natural habitat of the dust bins of MaccyD, Harvey's and Burger King.

    Another flying rat type that we see here are the Canada geese. Boogers are supposed to fly south in the winter, but lately, they've been hanging out with the lake gulls and staying put. Food is too good around for them to make the effort to fly south/water rarely freezes now. Their sh!t is huge, green and really smelly and sticks to everything.
  11. Well you shouldn't roll around in it, then!
  12. Has anyone got any proof if Brasso on bread works at getting rid of them? I heard a rumour about it whilst at raleigh and during that summer we tried many times to get them to swallow the bait but they used to be aware of our dastardly plans and ignored our inviting "gifts"
  13. It's not brasso on bread but carbide in bread that does the trick, or so I was informed by my sea daddy many moons ago
  14. ..this is true...this means you can shit on yer oppo whenever you want!!! :thumright:
  15. Nice pals you have there Stripey...mine take me out for booze and chocolate...

  16. must be female?? I was thinking more of the souls of Reggies flying around shitting on everybody as they normally do in life!!!!!!!! :thumright:
  17. It's not quick; but they have a lovely finish!

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