Flying porkers pay more!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by SONAR-BENDER, Apr 2, 2013.

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  1. Wasn't sure whether to post this in Aviation or Lil's!!

    Airline where fat fliers pay more: Passengers pay a fixed price per kilogram | Mail Online

    Now, I happen to agree with this, having a 'normal' BMI. I get really pissed off when they stop you taking on a bag that is slightly over weight, then wave all the heifers through. Then you have to sit next to them as they spill into your seat!

    For once I hope Ryan take this on and run with it.......... could be fun!
  2. one of the few.jpg Flying Porker...^_~
  3. [​IMG] Quite right....make the fat basturds pay more....:tongue8:
  4. Define fat and define heavy? At 16.10 with Abs why should I pay more than some Biafran?
  5. Better still.........make them fly separately in another aircraft, modified just for them.......:blob3:[​IMG]

  6. This do Froggy ?....[​IMG]
  7. Because you're a fat twat.
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  8. I suppose airline meals will have to change......[​IMG]........I wonder if he's a Biafran !
  9. If you need abs to stop, you are overweight
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  10. That's me grounded then!!!!!!^^
  11. About time too, who wants to be squashed in next to some fat bastard for 12 hours and it has been my observation that many of them have personal hygiene issues.
  12. You been sniffin seats again

  13. Oh yes, it's one of my preferred pastimes.
  14. You've always been banging on about flying buisiness champagne they have fat bastard socialists....?.... oh I forgot............the palace of Westminster is full of them !
  15. And another one is leaving Sunderland for the US
  16. You are sooo 1960's.
  17. Hang on - I did Biafra Patrol in the 70s!

  18. Ha I bet some had to google it! Anyway Wrecks I assume you're one of them skinny alcoholic types??
  19. Was you lonely?
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  20. Froggers, I'm not a skinny alcoholic, I'm a slim alcoholic wannabe :)

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