Flying Naked

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BE19Pilot, Aug 9, 2014.

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  1. Nice shaped joystick
  2. Should be titled flying topless. She still has her Knicks on.
  3. Thus disproving the laws of gravity on silicone??? :)
  4. Well that's not what I was hoping to see here.
  5. Me neither. :(

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  6. Here's a little video for any more disappointed females lured by this misleading title. I was thinking of starting a Men Who Need a Good Seeing To thread ...

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  7. Just for you. Here's three hunky muscle-packed specimens of testosterone infused love machines for you to leer at:-


  8. You are a cruel man. You know very well they belong in your dog-loving thread. And I don't leer ... I admire.
  9. Okay - admire the budgies, parakeets and cockatoos amongst this lot then:-

  10. Ah you're still taking the mickey (no pun intended, well maybe). You couldn't possibly think women find that attractive. And while I admire the lads in the video above - nice dancing and Elvis action - I really posted that for Sweetpea. Cougars aside, most women prefer men in their own age group. Now this is the hunk I would like to see without his shirt on:
    or indeed:
    And nothing but the shirt off unless we are going to play.
    I think I will start that Men thread. I'd say most of you would be surprised at what the women post. Whereas, truth to tell, none of us are at all surprised at what ye post.
  11. No. No we wouldn't.

    Meeting expectations. That's called consistency and reliability. You're welcome.
  12. Cant quite see what the attraction is - but here ya go!

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  13. OMG you just made my day. Thank you. :p

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