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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by buggerit84, Jan 28, 2009.

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  1. I'm (hopefully - touch wood) going to BRNC in April for pilot entry and last week went down to Yeovilton for an acquaint visit, which is all well and good but they don't have Merlins there. So in the interests of fairness before I decide what I would like to fly, what are Merlins like to fly?! I've heard they're fantastic and all their pilots love them, but the Lynx guys were saying that one man and his dog could fly them as they spend most of the time in autopilot so flying consists more of having a good book and listening to your ipod.

    Any thoughts?
  2. The Merlin is obviously the successor the mighty Sea King.

    Now the ASW SK has a comprehensive FCS or Flight Control System, which allowed a lot of hands off flying. Transit flying is down to the auto pilot a lot and the ASW phase in the SK used to be fairly automatic too.

    In secondary role flying the pilot of the SK had a lot more input, from my perspective being based in Scotland it was mountain flying and the pilots had their hands full with the met conditions in the mountains.

    No experience at all of the Merlin but I can't imagine the avionic package stepped backwards as regards the flight controls.
  3. Okay, thanks. My only 'experience' of SKs are the junglies at Yeovilton, and funnily enough there was no mention of an auto-pilot there...
  4. Junglies don't even have radar, let alone autopilot. They've only upgraded from steam engines recently!

    Also "flying Merlins" is a bit of an oxymoron, "tits on startup Merlins" would be more appropriate.
  5. Flying Merlins??? the pilot just does the take off and landing, the observers do the flying and the planning. the pilot is just there for ballast. Go Junglie at least you get to fly a proven aircraft. and as for autopilot..... Would you buy a ferrari and let a computer drive it??
  6. What you end up flying will be the Navy's choice, not yours, but you can state a preference. Good luck.

    And just to clear up a point, it's the observer that is the ballast, usually being carried by the crewman. :D
  7. what capabilities does the Merlin have ,tasked on the type 45?? ASW carrying stingrays ??and Strike carrying Sea Skua?? on the same mission?? or am i way out of touch :roll: :roll: Also what about AEW role??
  8. Hi Scouse,

    I don't know much about type 45, but from a type 23 a Merlin pretty much double's the ships capability. One aircraft can carry out-

    ASW (passive and active), ASuW, third party/ over the horizon targeting, datalink, ESM, radar, troop transport, casevac, SAR, AIS picture compilation, force protection, vertrep/ loadlifting, fast roping, sniping,........the list could go on.

    With new systems like the defensive aids, .50 cal M3M, MX-15 FLIR, etc the Mk1 Merlin will be able to carry out more overland type stuff in the future. But no Sea Skua for us at the moment and the bag freaks can keep AEW :lol:
  9. You have been AWOL for a considerable time :wink: :wink: any sandcastles their??? :roll:
  10. Nope the Mk4 SK is an empty airframe. As such it has basic flying control systems. (Which tended to make them more 'fun' to fly. :wink:

    The MK4 could be flown by a single pilot. Whereas the Mk 5's and 6's were 2 pilot operated. In an emergency then a back seat member could sit left hand seat to operate the manual throttles. But that was another qualification for the rear seat crews to acquire.

    The Mk.4 was/is designated HU for Helicopter Utility. The HAS's are Helicopter Anti - Submarine and the HAR are Helicopter Air Rescue.
  11. I dont think Melin can carry Sea Skua. GPMG is their only ASuW bit of kit. But it would be a good idea to kit them out with Skua and M3M (.5inch).

    Oh hang on....that would make it a really big Lynx........
  12. The thing I have against junglies is that I'm joining the navy to actually go to sea, rather than spending my time either cooking in the desert or freezing in Norway... and I was actually wanting, so I'm thinking grey Lynx at the mo...

    Plus, and this is the all important question, can you 180 wingovers in a Merlin?!
  13. If Digs Nelson could do it in a Wasp them I'm sure a Merlin can!!!! :wink:

    (Albeit illegally) :? 8O :lol: :lol:
  14. Sand castles and flipflops mate :wave:

    amazed_wafu, you've just amazed this wafu by trying to suggest a merlin is just a big lynx. Two different beasts all together, only a Merlin is more versatile
  15. When you decide the navy is no longer for you and you try and get an airline job ,your ability to do a sudoku and a try and not look at the hostie's chest when she comes in with your coffee ,should be finely honed after all those hours in the Merlin.
  16. :roll: :roll: Right thats sorted then :wink: :wink: dual flight on the 45s Merlin and Lynx?? if they can fit into the hangar? :roll:
  17. If you fly the Sk4 you will almost certainly go front line flying (in Stan). There's nothing like putting all that training into action for real.
  18. I thought that what the young thruster joined for.

    Fly and fight.

    Why join an armed service if you want to fly but not fight!!!
  19. Exactly, hence I'm not so keen on the Merlin! (ducks from incoming from Merlin fans)

    After going to Yeovilton I was definitely thinking either Lynx or Junglie, just having a hard time trying to decide which! Even one of the observers from 702 said if you want the gucci flying then CHF is the place to go, but Lynx is faster, more agile and you get cocktail parties in the Caribbean...

    Of course, as has been pointed out this is all probably just academic as I'm not likely to get a choice and will get thrown to SK4s

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