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Flying lower than a Buccaneer...... I dont believe it!!!


Lantern Swinger
I Dont believe it either Scouse, but great pics though. im going to copy that site if you dont mind. fred


War Hero
Have a rather nice photo of three Hawker jets which buzzed us on return from the Falklands 82. All were lower than the flightdeck (Type 22) and the last one a speck on the photo,would have passed his Perisher Course. Can send the photo but dont think it would stand out if I scanned it Scouse.


War Hero
Book Reviewer
"I beat up the flagship, I beat up the Fleet -
I beat up the Nelson, the Rodney a treat -
All I forgot was the mast on Formid,
And a seat in the goofers was worth fifty quid!"

My father's RCAF navigator cousin came back from a 1942 night raid on the Tirpitz with a bomb door missing off his Halifax. It had been ripped off by splash from a German flak shell bursting on the water.


Lantern Swinger
Now thats Class sheer class, mind you i think our Air Arm cabs might have been a tad lower and the Jockey is eating a sarnie whilst the Observer is reading the Navy News. te he te he
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MG Maniac

War Hero

Not sure where this one is from but the caption is NAVY Buccaneer!


War Hero
All these FAA Types who join to fly and then spend all their time trying to get as low as possible.

Its like someone joining Submarines and spending all their time at PD:slow:

Impressive photos though.


War Hero

Getting lower than a 42 bridge. Sorry its Crabs


War Hero
Topstop, great clip. The pilots were riding the U/C microswitches on take off I see. My uncle used to tell me all about that little trick. A tad illegal but looks mega.

When we left the Falklands after a patrol, all the crabs etc did a flyby!!! HA!! Don't think they managed to get below 200 feet. Skipper gave em an F (fail), must try harder!!!!!

Jim the BinBag

Before going boats I remember watching them Buccaneers doing their thing with a splash target off the arse end of Birmingham (83 I think). Anyway, eventually got bored so wandered off to the aft switchboard when the TomCat came to play. The bridge then piped that the he was about to do a Mach 2 pass across the stern - I was 1/2 way out the airlock when the thing was disappearing over the horizon - very noisy, very low, very hacked off I missed it
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