Flying home for Paternity Leave

Hi, don't know if anyone has been in this situation but my partner leaves for a 7 month deployment tomorrow and has had his leave approved to fly back for the birth of our baby but no one can tell him who pays for the flight home and back again as we're not married.

Does anyone know? The flight back to re join the ship is going to be quite expensive so it would be good to know sooner rather than later so we can put some money aside.

Thanks in advance
I'm pretty certain that he will have to either use one of his warrants or pay for himself, as he is going to be coming home on leave. Paternity leave is not considered as compassionate leave and as such there is probably no duty travel status attached to it.
That's why officers don't do the coxswains job. I had £8,500 a year budget and NEVER used it up. So I happily sent lads home on the ships budget. Bottom line from the BLI team was it's your budget- use it!

Depending where you are, why not use Mil Air? Failing that just book Civ Air. Though if you're on a big ship I doubt the CPO (Wtr) or whoever it is will have the same view.

I am sure there will bore snores that will quote some JSP or DIN or something else equally dull, but I don't care.You have to look after a hard worked and never at home ships company.
But if for some reason the OP had to return to the UK for a course or something which happened to be the week before his paternity leave starts.......

Hey presto, duty trip!!
You also have to stay within the rules, but if the BLC organisation is happy then so be it (funny that the BLC is an officer though) :roll: (What a hero that man is!)

You may, though, have noticed that allowances have been severely hit i the last year or so and rules have been tightened up.

At the end of the day it's up to the Ship's Office and if they are happy to pay then he's laughing, if not he can't exactly say "some diver bloke told me that officers shouldn't look after budgets and that if it was him he'd pay, so pay up 'cos Frogman007 off RumRation says it's OK" can he?
Little bit precious this week are we? It's not all officers, just you and ATG I find you both tedious.


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People in staff office normally sort things like this out at 829
Get you home (Seagoers) flights get them
Not 100% sure but your partner will sort it out :)
I flew back from a Bosnia/Adriatic deployment in Jan96 for the birth of My Son (Ship was on a standoff in Naples at the time) L/Reg sorted it all out for me using the 'Confinement Leave' rules and regulations. Pusser paid for my flight back to the UK and the return to Naples 10 days later (all 1st Class) all I had to pay for was to get myself to Naples Airport and then get from Heathrow to my own home. I know this was 16 years ago and things change but it might well be worth investigating if it's on the Books and you fit the criteria.


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These days you need 1 or 2 Star approval for civilian flights the days of its your travel budget you spend it have long gone. Also flying home during a deployment for course etc would require some form of Mil AT flight option or an exceptionally good reason why the person wasn't squad rotated prior to departure.

Its that bad that I needed to fly out of Kuwait due to visa reasons and my business case was submitted to the Head of J8 at PJHQ who argued the toss. In the end I pointed out that if I did not fly out on that date I would be breaking the law and liable to arrest from the policeman who works with me. On top of that delaying the flight to my R&R flight would cost £2500 in fines which I was not going to be paying. All for a £178 flight.

The days for spending on travel till your hearts content has long gone, especially if you try and purchase out side of the central contract. More importantly if you try and bend the rules you are sailing close to the fraud area of taxpayers spending.

However there are ways of doing it legally and your partner needs to speak to their Divisional Officer sooner rather than later. If the deployment is close to an AT hub then options get easier. Leaving it to sailing and then just expecting it will never help. Having to explain to one of my department that no they could go home on the birth of their child was not ease. But they had not even let us know that one was on the way and being in the middle of the Indian Ocean heading East was going to complicate matters. He belief that we would task one of the helos to fly him hundreds of miles and then buy him a plane ticket was somewhat misplaced. We did manage to get him off the ship a day early at the next port of call with the advanced team and he got a cheap ticket home.
My first born was expected in Nov 1972, which put us squarely in Australia. (Fremantle)
As my first wife had experienced two miscarriages prior to this pregnancy, I applied for compassionate leave to attend the birth.
**** off was at least a straightforward answer.
At the beginning of 73 I again applied for compassionate leave to fly to Australia (roll reversal eh?) to attend my brothers funeral.
**** off seemed a bit harsh but was never the less the answer.
That I went anyway was a matter of discourse between me and the regulating branch but hey ho.
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