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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by KLNA-Cessna-Jockey, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. A genuine question about flying opportunities.

    I've seen lots of p!ss takes on this site about the "Officers Flying Club", but is there any opportunity to do any flying at Yeovilton (small fixed wing - and I'm not talking GR7s).

    I'm about 2/3rds way through completing my Private Pilots Licence and am waiting for AIB so will hopefull be joining RNR soon.

    If I can save money on flying too, added bonus ! :wink:

  2. Yeovilton no longer has Harriers of any variety. It does, however, have a Flying Club and leases an aircraft to support members. If you would like more detail please pm me and I will put you in touch. 727 NAS is also at Yeovilton and provides flying grading for those who wish to join the service as aircrew or those already serving who wish to become aircrew.
  3. Don't know what its like now but i was always able to get jollies in seakings & lynx, i had to missed out on a FRADU Hunter during the Thursday Wars because I had a perforated eardrum.
  4. Windy, a good way to get some "stick time" if you have a PPL, is to join the various gliding clubs at NAS's (if they still have any) Culdrose used to have a Chipmunk as a tug.
  5. Thanks all - some good suggestions.

    I especially like the sound of the Jollies too !
  6. Windy, I'm both PPL(A) and (H) current, with IMC etc. If ever you fancy renting an aircraft and coming up North for the distance experience, give me the nod. I sometimes fly to the south coast of the UK, and over into France as well (L2K is the norm), so if you fancy a hop, your more than welcome. You can log it as P2 time if you like.
  7. Thanks wheel-spanner I may take you up on that one day.

    Fair play to you for PPL (A) & (H) - you'm the mutts nuts! :cool:

    I live in Wiltshire so smack bang in the middle of lots of military aircraft flying around, which somewhat frustrates me - always wanted to be a WAFU pilot but messed around at school too much. Now I have the qualificiations and already fly, i'm too old to join as aircrew ! :evil:

    Keep the blue side up.

  8. Lol, fair play mate. I'm serious about the offer though, your more than welcome anytime. Some great flying to be had up here, and Scottish control are a great bunch. Ditto with the French, I've never had a snag with their ATC, and L2K is a great weekender away.

    If you fancy doing the (H), get in there, it's great fun. Definately advise doing it fixed wing then rotary though, that way, you get to just concentrate on getting the flying part right when your in the helicopter; your not worrying about the radio, nav etc. All that gets expensive if you have to learn it at £230 an hour!

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