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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by reevesy_efc, May 11, 2010.

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  1. I have my flying aptitude tests on 18th May, however i'm a little curious as my joining letter states wear 'plain clothes'. Im not sure if this directs me towards a suit or not. Has anyone taken the tests recently who may shed some light? Also any other 'top tips' would be of great help! Many thanks
  2. I don't remember seeing that when I did my FAT's. Myself and the other FAA candidates wore our suits all weekend. I can't remember the protocol for wearing a jacket in the Officers Candidates Mess, I think it was 'leave it at the door'. However, when in the testing room for FAT's, you can either have your jacket on or leave it on a hook at the other end of the room; although I was able to put it on my break sessions (the building was air-conditioned in the middle of December!) I also stuffed my jacket with chocolate to eat on my breaks 8)

    Best of luck for your tests, I'll be down at AIB that day. Check your PM's for an FAT guide I've sent a few people, might be useful to you.

  3. There's no activities at FAT's, just sitting in front of a PC for four hours. The only interview-based part is after you've finished your tests [and lunch], and simply get a yes-or-no answer from a Navy Officer. Our lot (12 in total) were all suited and booted. Oh, and don't have the gravy at dinner; it splashes...
  4. Thanks guys thats helped. I have been warned to carry some chocolate or lucozade tablets as it can be a little bit draining mentally!

    Lewis, good luck with AIB, being in service already my FAT/AIB turnround is likely to be much quicker so fingers crossed all goes well we shall cross paths at BRNC!
  5. Thanks mate, hopefully September!
  6. lewismansell - Is there any chance I could get a copy of the guide, as I have my FATs on the 18th May as well!


  7. On it's way Will, best of luck!
  8. Raking up this old thread, but Lewis, might it be possible to get a copy of your guide (if you still have one) as well? I have my aptitude in 9 days and just want to check I've done all I can against someone else's advice.
  9. He's not been around for a while though as it's you, and as you're lucky I have a copy, I'll forward it to you.
  10. nothing quite like the last minute eh!
  11. JP1


    Any chance someone could send me a copy of the FATs guide? Got my test coming up...
  12. The FATs are the bit that I'm most nervous about o_O

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