Flying Aptitude Tests...

Expecting a date through for FATS sometime in Jan 08 hopefully...

Just received a letter from AIB to say they've now got my application forms and they will be processed.

How long should I expect to wait?

thank you.


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Best bet is speak to your ACLO.

All ACLO's are given a mobile phone so as their candidates may contact them and vice-versa during working hours (Mon-Fri), your OCLC should give you the number, if you do not have it already.


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I agree with Ninja.
Times etc depend on various factors.

I can tell you my process etc:

December 2006 - Rang to ask for information etc
March 19 2007 - Interview with ACLO
April 2007 - Sent application forms in
August 20 2007 - FATs
December 10 2007 - AIB

Then...who knows!!
Ah thats great thanks.

Things appear to be alot slower up here in Scotland.

I started the ball rolling back in May and had 2 meetings with different LO's.

January was mentioned for FATS or perhaps the LO ment I'll simply be given a date in January, which looks more like it... ?


all the best with the AIB!
Hi mate,

I revieved my FAT's date 4 weeks after sending through my application forms. Im sitting mine on December 17th.

Hope this helps
ah sounds more like it!

I wasnt too sure if I was going to get a date "in 6 weeks" or actually sit them..

thanks for that and good luck with them!



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Natg has passed FATs, for those not in the know, & is an ideal person to quiz on this particular subject. :thumright:

No apologies for repeating this post from the FAA forum.

A bit of recent news for those interested:


Experiences on offer will progress from a 1 day visit, which will include an Air Experience Flight in a Grob 115E Tutor, through Potential Officer Air Courses (POAC) to nomination for Gliding Camps and then nomination for a Powered Camp.

The powered flying experience will continue together with the Gliding Camp offered each year.

Selection for powered awards will still require candidates to sit FATs.

It is intended that there will be Gliding Camps in 2008, aimed at 16 to 18 year old prospective FAA candidates.


There will be Powered Camps in 2008. These will be aimed predominately at 18 – 22 year olds with selection via FATs, an ACLO interview and selection board.


Will run as intended.

a The minimum age for ACLO nominated flying is 16.
b The target ages are for general guidance.
c The broad assumption is that powered camps will be offered to University students or those who have already completed an AEF and /or gliding camp.

Flying experiences are to encourage young people to consider flying in the RN, to give them the chance to get airborne and explore their potential suitability.

If you are interested, speak to your ACLO sooner rather than later!
I have one of those awards you are talking about. Its for gliding and I am just spending a week at a naval base. Should be good :w00t:


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tomjj said:
I have one of those awards you are talking about. Its for gliding and I am just spending a week at a naval base. Should be good :w00t:
It will be.

If you're really good they may trust you to have a go in one with an engine at the front next time. (They're more expensive).

Good luck!

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