Flying Aptitude test!


I've been looking around these forums for a while now. (Thanks to the guys talking about the SIFT test, helped me pass it easily :)).

I'm just wondering whats actually on the Aptitude test. I've heard stories from math questions to cockpit controls. I heard it took a day but whats the general idea of what goes on?

PS: Sorry if i couldn't find a stickie on the subject or something.

Thanks, Chris (soon to be posting more often)

any of you guys wanna tell me how long it took you to hear from your career's liason officer once they sent of their officer information form?...



Lantern Swinger
About a month mate. LOL hig is a former Senior Rate (I believe), so officers are not his favourite people. Super pm me if you have any qs, but Im going to AIB as warfare not aircrew. Newbies is a good forum for wannabe officers and ratings.

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