"Fly Navy" Stickers


Lantern Swinger
Any one know where I can get a few of the "Fly Navy" and the "Fly, Navy, Sail Army, Walk Sideways" stickers that were very prevalent a few years ago?

I would like these to put on a racing car I have - I have been invited to compete in a couple of races organised by the RAF Motor Sports Association and it would be good to initiate some banter!



Lantern Swinger
They sell them at the Museum at Yeovilton, they have both sorts you are after, but they are in the small rectangular size and the last time i was there they were 20pence each


War Hero
Smoothbore send me your address by PM and I will send you two of the original ones for your car. I only have a dozen left. These are like Rocking Horse Sh1t. Hard to find.