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Fly Navy 100


War Hero
Here is a copy of an email that I have received.
As I'm fairly sure that the originator will not object it is copied in its entirety.

Hi All,

Following the FNF meeting last month I have copied below the points of interest for FN100 events planned for this coming year. First and foremost I remind you all of our very own two major functions later this year.

5-7th June FAABA Reunion at the Royal Court Hotel Keresley (nr Coventry ). Relax in Eleven acres of hotel grounds, the sauna and or pool or join the majority of us in our very own private bar selling all house drinks at £1:50 all weekend. Please do not book the hotel yourself but contact Brian Sharrock the reunion co-ordinator on [email protected]

Saturday 277th June at the RNA Club Lossiemouth is the date and venue for the inaugural AGM of the HMS Fulmar Association. If you are attending please advise either myself or the Chairman Hughie Williams on [email protected]

Full details of both these events and all other FN100 events can be found on our web site


(please note, more details always available on the FN100 section of the Royal Navy website)

i. 7th May CVS at Greenwich/flypast/dinner. Numbers are naturally limited onboard, but associations will be represented; details have since been sent to association chairmen/secretaries asking for nominations for invitations to the dinner. There will be lots of space for spectators to see the earlier flypast and it will be an excellent day with plenty of media coverage.

ii. 8th May St Paul’s Cathedral service. Invitations will be sent out soon for what will be an outstanding ceremony – with subsequent march and social. All details will be sent with the tickets to those who have applied successfully.

iii. 9th/10th May Greenwich Static Aircraft Park/Helo Role Demo. Free and open to all as a weekend celebration of all things Fleet Air Arm. Association participation is encouraged, and please contact the FN100 office if you wish to participate or put up stands/exhibitions.

iv. Buckingham Palace Garden Party, 9th July 2009. Decisions on ticketing will be made late April, tickets will be sent out by 5th June. Rig will be blazers and ties, negative medals, optional hats. Please contact the FN100 Garden Party team on 01935 456552 with any questions.

v. CVS in Liverpool 22nd-26th Oct. This will have a big flypast without the constraints of London airspace, and the ship will be alongside, giving much more opportunity for ship visits. There will be a dinner onboard on the 23rd. Please advertise this visit widely, further details/applications for tours and the dinner will follow soon. If associations would like to put up stands or exhibitions then please contact the FN100 office directly.

vi. Mountbatten Festival of Music DVD/Film. There is no money to produce this commercially, please contact the FN100 office directly and they will try to send copies on an individual basis. It is also available to view on the FN100 website.

vii. News sheets. Distribution went much more smoothly and everyone was pleased. The next issue will be out at the end of April, hopefully including FN100 car stickers.

National Arboretum Memorial

5. In a slight change of order to the agenda the National Arboretum Memorial was discussed, as Mike Purse raised the issue whilst asking if any funding for the unveiling ceremony (proposed for 11th September) may be available from FN100. Unfortunately there is no FN100 funding available, and a discussion ensued on the way forward. Some basic costings are being put together, which will become the basis for further discussion. As all of the associations have agreed, this is a very important memorial for the FAA, and the unveiling will be an historic event, hopefully attended by a senior member of Royalty and RM band. Fund raising will need to take place, and all associations are asked to consider how they will be able to participate.

Fly Navy Heritage Trust (Direct contact numbers (01935 842005/849200)

6. There is a strengthening link between the associations and all FNHT activity, as it collectively raises the profile of the FAA, the associations, and the FNHT. Sue Dible and Gary Rimay-Muranyi gave an update on FNHT activity, and emphasised that all of these events discussed could happily be advertised on association websites (and more details are or will be available on the FNHT website ), focussing on:

i. Swordfish Golf Day Monday 1st June. At Bowood in Wiltshire, details of which are on the FNHT website. A big day which raises £20-25,000 for the trust.

ii. Heritage ‘Come Fly With Us’ Fly-in Day Sunday 6th September at Yeovilton. A fly-in of vintage aircraft with flights for members of the public, also tied in with the Aston Martin car club.

iii. Air Day Marquee. Going ahead on a larger scale this year. A £20 fee includes joining the heritage trust, discounts for air day tickets, marquee access for a family (or 3 guests), beer, rum and catering available in the tent, and all to go with the fact that this year’s FN100 Air Day will be a big one. Please contact the FNHT to discuss associations’ representation and tickets.

iv. Swordfish Beer. Coming out soon (6 to 8 weeks from the meeting) and will be in supermarkets and pubs carrying the Fly Navy logo, with some profits going to the FNHT. So get drinking (!) and advertise this to members. Contact the FNHT to discuss supplies for association events.

v. Tie pins/cuff links/stamps/coins/art work/other merchandise. These are now being produced and can be obtained direct from the FNHT (e.g. on sale or return) in order that they can be sold at association events if desired. Please contact the office for more information.

vi. Fly Navy Balloon. A huge advertising banner for Fly Navy, and potentially available at association events, so please contact the FNHT office if you think of a good use for it. It will be at the Bristol Balloon fest, more details to follow.
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