Fly Boy Anthem

My name is Mc Lean from the Grey Funnel Line
I'm fond of the lassies and a drap of fine wine
One day while out walking I happened ta see
A bonnie wee lass wi' a gleam in her eye
I said to her lassie could we walk for a while
I'll wine you and dine you we'll do it in style
I'm a two badged "skin" Dabtoe fom the Grey Funnel Line
She looked at me sadly and said " Och nein nein nein"

It' a Wafu for me , a Wafu for me
If you're nay a Wafu you're nay use to me
The Fish Heads are braw and the CrabFats an' aw
But those lads in the Air Arm are the pride of them all

I tried for a while this lass to beguile
With wining and dining and wooing in style
I turned on my charm and my best winning ways
And with my fine stories this lass to amaze
Despite all my trying she wouldna say aye
But said to me sadly wi' mist in her eye
I like you right fine you're a handsome wee boy
But you're nay fit for me as you canna bloody fly.

Chorus To the tune of A Gordon for Me
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