Am off to Orlando and Disney in September with the missus. Anyone been recently i.e. within the last 6 months.

Any news on discounts for car hire, theme parks etc for UK armed forces. I know this has probably been covered before but things change so wanted to get some up to date information.
Went in 2001, so may be a bit dated with the info, but, with your ID card(if you're serving) you can get great discounts on the tickets. i went to a nearby airforce base and blagged my way in. Once on camp, i went to the PX and bought my tickets.

Things may have changed by now, and you may need movement orders/paperwork to say why your there. But, find out what base is nearest, and see if you can contact the USO, like our Naafi, but miles better!!

They should be able to help you out. I went to New York last year. before i went, i contacted the USO, and explained i was going to "be in town" for a few dys. I also explained that i was ex-forces and wondered if they could still help me out with some Tourist info. They did better than that! They invited me in,once there, offered me free t'internet access. Free tickets to broadway shows.mind you, the main shows weren't discounted. I saved loads and they actually, genuinely wanted to help me out.

So, i'd contact the nearest USO to Disney and start asking for discounts.

2006 I was last out there but as far as I'm aware things are still pretty much the same now as they were then. My advice would be to show your ID everywhere. More places do a forces discount than don't. Good discounts on the gate at theme parks, with SeaWorld and Busch Gardens doing free entry for forces personnel and up to 4 dependents.

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