Florida Today: "British Sailors' Visit Thrills Merchants"

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Jul 27, 2010.

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  1. Re: Florida Today: "British Sailors' Visit Thrills Merchants

    Very nice Maam........ What happened to the Hands, Man the flight deck for Prochedure Alpa?? Have all the Aircaft and Helicopters, disembarked then!! to a Septic airfield ?? :lol: :lol:
  2. Re: Florida Today: "British Sailors' Visit Thrills Merchants

    When it said thrill merchants I thought of other places at Cocoa beach. It doesn't mention Hooters or the Inner Rooms once :evil:
  3. You two obviously haven't read the article properly. Try looking at page two, Scouse. Try looking at the 'comments' page Wreckage.
  4. Re: Florida Today: "British Sailors' Visit Thrills Merchants

    Re Procedure Alpha... Still can only see Two Merlins (one spread and one folded ) and no one manning the flightdeck on page 2 when shes, entering harbour..... Should i have gone to Specsavers :oops: JC
  5. My bad. The information I was pointing you towards
    " The Ark Royal is crewed by up to 1,350 sailors, but arrived at Port Canaveral with only about 650. The Harriers -- known for their short take-offs and vertical take-offs and landings -- had already flown back to the United Kingdom, leaving only helicopters on deck when the ship arrived."
    was actually on Page 1, and only directly answered your question about the location of the aircraft (though the lack of numbers onboard may account for the reluctance to do Procedure Alpha).
  6. Fair one, I didn't read that bit. Nice to know the Inner Rooms are still going.

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