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Discussion in 'Travel & The Great Outdoors' started by blanket_stacker, Nov 20, 2007.

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  1. have just booked a dream holiday in florida for the family and have had a few people tell me that you can use your ID card for a number of discounts while your out there, ie car upgrades and free entry to attractions.
    has anybody been recently or have any info on what you can and cant use it for.
    many thanks
  2. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Was out there a few weeks ago and will be there in a few weeks (sadly work).

    You can get into Busch Gardens (excellent) and Seaworld (equally excellent) for certain (we all did), plus a family (two adult +2 kiddies) - there are more I just can't remember. We're out in Dec and then Jan/Feb, if you're not going before then I will grab a brochure and post it to you.

    Great place, quite humid though - if you have sprogs make sure they drink plenty and use mossie rep. all of my team got eaten alive.
  3. not going until august so anyinfo would be greatly recieved
  4. I did hear that they were letting all "veterans" into Disney parks for free, and this included UK Military personnel. I can't find any confirmation that this is still happening though.
  5. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  6. I own a villa in Florida and i know myself and a few owners offer 10 percent discount to serving/ex members of the armed forces.
  7. Universal did not give any discount. Seaworld and Busch (both owned by the Budwieser brewers) let you in free. Also got into the "Sun and Fun" airshow in april for a very large discount and a free flight line pass. Sad spotter that I used to be. Once tried to go shopping in the Orlando base NX but they said I had to be "On Orders" to shop there.
  8. If you're in the AA you can apply for AAA membership and I believe they have some discount vouchers included. Mind last time I did it it was 2000 so not sure if that still applies.
  9. Unfortunately I am having to work in Florida! If in doubt ask if they do military discount - I am often out and about in uniform and they offer the discount without asking. The other day I was in civvies and when I went to pay (at the cinema) they spotted my military ID and gave me discount to the movie! Like them or loathe them, at the least the general public in America actually respect and admire the Armed Forces!
  10. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Aha, the WO1 in SBMA I'm guessing! Met you/Saw you in Feb when I visited my team doing the JOCS upgrade.....

    The Busch discounts are going fine - with one ID card you can take your family to one park free - Seaworld or Busch Gardens. You need another ID card then to visit both.

    Another way is to try and get access to McDill and in the BX they have a facility that can pre-book really cheap family tickets for all the parks.

    I suppose if you had two ID cards, i.e. both of you serve you have less problems.
  11. Just bumping this thread up.Am off to the land of the big P.X in October(Disney,Orlando etc.) Staying on I-drive.
    Could any one who has been recently add any more hints and tips please.
    I understand my I.D card will come in handy in some places.
    Is it cheaper to buy the theme park tickets over here or over there?
    Have heard about ''Shades of green'' its for U.S armed forces.Any H.M forces been ably to use it?
    Any info much appreciated, Cheers.
  12. ALWAYS ask for military discount in the USA. I know in the UK you feel a bit like a pikey doing it but in the US it is 100% normal and all military personnel do it over there.

    You will normally get a good discount from Alamo and Avis car rentals. I know those ones for definite (as I've done it a fair few times) but I'm sure others would do it as well. They'll quite often upgrade your car for you as well.....which is nice.

    Don't forget the hotels, if you're using them. All the usual ones like Holiday Inn, Best Western etc will look after the military.

    I know it's taking the piss but even Dominos will give you discount if you ask when ordering.

    As far as the parks are concerned, definitely buy over there. All along International Drive you'll see cheap tickets advertised, so just find the best deal (with mil discount, obviously). For Disney we always used to get the Hopper passes. Means you can start out with the animal safari when they open and the lions have been called to paws, then hop over to one of the water parks when it gets hot at lunchtime and then later go to Magic Kingdom for a play and the night shows. They also never run out, so if you don't use a day then it'll keep until you're next there.

    If you're over on Cocoa Beach for the Kennedy Space Center (spelled just the way they like it), then Patrick AFB has a pretty good BX. They'll normally let you in to the exchange itself and let you purchase wares using you UK ID but won't allow you to buy stuff from the grocery store.

    There, always knew the exchange tour I did wasn't wasted :-D
  13. I got upgraded two levels on my hire car with my ID, got myself and the family into SeaWorld for free.

    Always worth asking.
  14. You can gain free entry ONCE per year to either Busch Gardens OR Seaworld, not both. I tried for both Busch Gardens and Waterworld (both Virginia but same company) but got told 'no', you're in a database it appears. You can though still get a 10% (I think) military discount.

    Details here: Hero Salute , thats the one our family used last year, however, we're lucky in that we have US Military ID cards too.

    Not sure about the Disney theme parks, you can get Military discount, not sure how much. I'm currently in the process of trying to obtain a 4 day pass @ $130 using our US Military ID cards, it's not proving easy though!

    Most stores will give at least 10% (some upto 25%) military discount, as members of AAA we also benefit from discounts, whether you can use your AA/Green Flag type membership for those benefits I don't know. Having said that if you get a hire car that will probably come with AAA memebership and therefore you should benefit from the discounts.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2011
  15. Got a top of the range Lexus for the price of a mid range, in LA. It does pay to ask.
  16. If you are booking your accom yourself etc I have found that websites like Expedia offer quite lower prices than going direct to the hotel chains website to book.
  17. I emailed Universal and they redirected me to the Orlando NEX who didn't bother answering my request for a discounted ticket, so if I can't get in the NEX then I suppose Universal is off the list! If you can get in then thats the place to get the cheap Universal tickets.
    Top tip: Sat Nav, the hire car companies charge about the same as buying one! So I'm taking my TomTom and I bought a USA SD card map off the official site for £56 (still cheaper than hiring a Sat Nav) and when I get back I'll bung it on ebay (I tried to buy one on there but they go for about the same as brand new ones off tomtom!) and I'll either recoup all or most of my outlay.
    I'll be doing a mini tour of Florida because I get bored in one spot and when looking for something a bit different to do found out they do cheap mini cruises out of Miami (busmans holiday but great for wife and kids) so for about $1000 I've got a 3 day trip to Nassau (I might remember the place this time!) all inclusive except booze. I'd have spent that on 3 days in Florida if you include food and accom.

  18. $1000 for three days, jeez, u should get one for less than $300 easy, even $150 ?
  19. Or better still, download an APP for your phone, v. cheap or even free.
  20. I know for fact you can get a pretty decent discount on Grey hound coaches if you feel the need to use them.

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