Floodgates open for a fleecing

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by wet_blobby, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

  2. woo hoo, even more tax payers money flooding into help the Iraqi people....

    Phil Shiner, the solicitor acting for Colonel Daoud Mousa, Baha Mousa's father, and for other Iraqis alleging they were abused by UK troops, said today: "This is a massive breakthrough in my clients' efforts to secure accountability for deaths in detention."

    Liberty director Shami Chakrabarti said while the ruling only applied to the Mousa case, the immediate implication was that there must be a full independent inquiry whenever detainees allegedly "suffer inhuman treatment, torture or death in UK military establishments".

    So now anybody claiming to have been mistreated by British Forces hs the right to sue...... oh and lets not forget the Investigation, show trials etc....

    So yet again its drop your trousers, bend over and take it in the fudge funnel - thanks Mr B.....
  3. So in reverse, can British Forces sue the Government for breaching their rights because they have not been provided with the right equipment to do the job ?

    Sorry, I have to go now some men in white coats want me to go with them.....
  4. Human Rights lawyers making money from New Labour policy - surely not! :money: :money: :money:
    Still, the Bliars need some form of financial security to see him through his retirement.
  5. I have no problem in this, if there is a crime, then lets deal with it. HOWEVER!!! the lawyers/law firms should be held financially liable if the case is proved to be false, or the verdict is returned as anything other than guilty. This would prevent lawyer from taking cases that are obliviously a waste of time, thus preventing us the taxpayers footing the bill.
  6. So what's your alternative, any complaints to be completely ignored, clearly this must be wrong as it would be a charter for abuse.

    Next one up is for complaints to be investigated by the military there, well not likely to be trusted really the military are quite likely to say nothing happened, what CO wants admit his lads were bad or out of control.

    That does leave us with ultimately suing in court, not good and equally open to abuse by the other side who can make up stories and hope that they will be believed because they are difficult to disprove.

    I think you are right there is a problem, but equally there is not a really good answer either.
  7. I dont know maxi, I think my solution would certainly help.
  8. I think your solution would certainly solve the problem of having lawyers, they would all pack up and b*gger of with that scheme. We I think in criminal cases need more filtering before the real court thing happens, but we cannot stop people with legitimate complaints from taking action even if they identify the wron people and they subsequently are aquitted.

    After all if we become known for making the torture and abuse of prisoners easy to get away with what will others do to our chaps if they get caught.
  9. Lets face it, as a country we are being fleeced by the Human rights lawyers. As the majority of claimants are using legal aid, which has to be paid out of the public purse, is it time for a financial cap to be put on each case. Perhaps the use of less expensive lawyers would help.
  10. If you try to cap the maximum pay out, no doubt the Human Rights lot would go to Europe to get the decision overturned as your are, in effect, capping their income.

    Any claims of abuse / torture should be investigated by special teams, we already have SIB within the Forces Police as well as Forensics etc but ALL investigations should be carried out with out ANY political or Military interferance so that the outcome can be judged fair and from there progress to trial / compensation if there is sufficient evidence to allow it. There should also be a cap on how long after the event they can go back and in the event of a case going to trial then all of those involved (including Politicians should answer the questions)
  11. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Whats wrong with putting looters and rioters against a wall and shooting them? worked in 1939-45 and we won that one.
  12. Against their Human Rights
  13. This ruling is a crock of Shiite!
  14. That'sOK just after you have won and are ruling by martial law, we are now supposed to be there at the request of the government we installed and assisting them to enforce theoir law, trouble is we seem to have cocked it all up somewhere along the way.
  15. If they do not wish to accept the case on these conditions then they are free to refuse it. I'm certain that there are plenty of young inexperienced lawyers who would dearly love to cut their teeth on these cases.

  16. They certainly do, and which is the leading Chambers in this whole 'sue the government for Yuman Rights abuses' lark… that would be Matrix.

    And who is a leading light in Matrix?


    'Nuf said…
  17. Quite so, if you want a plumber to do a job you get quotes, and choose the price that suits you based on you evaluation of the quotes supplied, lawyers are just another tradesman. I don't think legal aid is particularly a 'human right', and equally I think human rights cover basic support not top of the range. I remember once trying to sell office equipment to an Aberdonian lawyer, he did most of hios work on legal aid, operated out of a cheap to floor office in a side street had a part time typist and book keeper and had resolved the work he did down to a set of photocopied forms, he still had a flash car good suits and I suspect a nice house and didn't buy any stuff from me. The law can cut costs to suit the market if the desire is there
  18. It seems odd to me, what about the Armed Forces, fighting a war based on lies, where are their human rights? The Forces Chiefs are correct in Being Afraid of this illegal war, Bliar SHOULD be Impeached and charged with War Crimes.

    This country according to Col Gadaffi will be a Muslim one in 30 years time, Take off your rose tinted glasses, it`s happening as we speak.
  19. Makes you wonder how long it will take for the penny to drop with our politicians that we are being screwed by the Human Rights Act. Eventually no-one will work in public service because of the continual stupid misguided decisions being made on the back of this legislation. Society will lose out in the long run.
  20. The Lybian Gadfly is I'm afraid well known for his extrvagant claims and language, he has merged Lybia with half the Arab word since he came to power but he is still in his own little sandbox, even the PLO felt that Lebanon was a better home than under the friendly wing of the Gadfly.

    If this country become Muslin in 30 years I'll eat my hat, if I am still alive. There are far more young MUslims today drifting away from the religion in the search for the personal freedom this country offers that are becoming extremists, whilst they may well put Muslim down on forms they have no more desire than you or I for this country to become an Islamic Republic

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