Don't know about the yanks, but the floggings title caight my eye, as part of a NATO group we were med moored with some other foreign frigates in Izmir and on the flight deck practicing rest on your arms rifle drill. The Turks were on the next ship trying (poorly) to copy us.
We received gentle vocal encouragement from the gunnery branch but when one of the Turks f"8ked up he was beaten with what looked like some kind of riding crop, not only in front of us, but the civvies walking along the quayside.


Lantern Swinger
spearfish said:
I saw on a us blog a reference to an article in the SUN, about an officer being abused whilst in command of a submarine.Is this the usual SUN caring attitude to our armed forces or is there a grain of truth?I have never worked for the Murdoch empire and am not a journo!!!

Did he end up in the Stokers Mess ? They have been known to abuse the odd person or two

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