Floating shite heaps

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by ex-ex, May 9, 2007.

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  1. What's the grottiest ship you have had the displeasure of travel on/in? I spent some days on a ex WW2 US navy ship that was designed to be rammed onto a beach and forgotten years ago but somehow the Greek navy had purchased it and I with two other oppo's plus three para's spent a few days floating around the Med in the 70,s as some kind of radio liason team. The state of ship was unbelievable and I still scratch thinking about. The Greek Marines earnt less in a year than we did in a week but they went out of there way to greet us and share food (bless them) and to top it all the only English word our Greek liason officer spoke was 'Fulham'. My mate however had learnt how to say 'I have trodden on a sea urchin' in Greek and so between us we managed to fabricate every single radio message. Happy days. Sorry can,t remember the ships name my brain has eliminated it.
  2. The old Torpoint Ferries , sorry ,
  3. In my limited experience I'd say that SeaFrance ships would be good contenders for the utter rubbish that they are. Plus, they're French.

  4. I had the misfortune of spending a night on the Rangateera in Port Stanley, '82.

    Mind you it was full of Pongos at the time, so it was a floating midden!
  5. I had the misfortune to have to live on HMS Centaur when Hermes was doing a DED in D lock in Pompey in 1969. The air conditioning didn't work in the greenies mess and we had to take our pits up to the cable deck every night because it was so hot down below. When we finally moved back on to Hermes it was over run with cockies - and they wondered why people left ! Happy Hermes? I don't think so. Tufty

  6. We went on to an old Greek ship for a BBQ during NAVOCFORMED. This thing was WW2 vintage but the S/rates were very hospitable and much ouzo flowed. On seeking the little boys room I had to walk through mess decks to get there and on finding it I found that it was a hole in the floor type affair. I was merrily relieving myself when some young greek AB came in and was surprised to see me p*ssing in the J/Rtes shower cubicle, S/Rates heads were only next door, ooops.. :oops: :lol:

  7. PMSL , :roll: :p
  8. A Portugese frigate arrived in Darwin in 1975, having done a runner from Timor when the Indons invaded. Although only new to the navy, I could recoginise that decks coated with a sheen of grease and oil, ingrained dirt in every nook and cranny and a pile of rotting spuds under a tarpaulin on the flight deck did not make a professional, seamanlike appearance. The appearance of the ships company matched their vessel. They stank as well.

    Even being charitable and assuming they sailed at short notice to avoid the Indons, this was the result of years of neglect, not from an unexpected run to sea.
  9. Makes you think twice about going to a Greek restaurant doesn't it? :?
  10. Streaky, at least it was homewards bound after that, only place I ever was that 3 tins per man was it, no pit slept on the deck.
  11. Centaur was overrun with the bloody things, they probably fancied a change!
  12. The ferry that went from Malta to Gozo; which if my suspicions are correct has turned up again as a floating bar in Barcelona (Don't quote me though as I obviously 'know nothing').
    Oh! and the Canberra which rolled like a pig, even in harbour.
  13. Without a doubt, HMS Fearless, even got paid extra for being on there and sharing our mess with the cockies!!
  14. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    One of the lads in the barracks on Fearless' party trick was swallowing cockroaches, he gave it up when he forgot to crunch one before swallowing and it crawled back up his throat.....feckin minging.
  15. Fascinating read Not-a-boffin, thank you. That was it, a LST. Following the links I noticed that they made 1051 of them and have now put up a memorial called 'Long Slow Target'. I never complained about cleaning up on pussers ships after my time on one of them.

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