Floating brothels

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Billy Q, Mar 27, 2016.

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  1. Glenn Braveheart formerly RFA Sir Lancelot seems to have been turned into a floating brothel out of Sasebo. What would our then naval presence aboard HMS Ladybird have made of that?
  2. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Probably quite good use.
  3. Link?

    Seems to me your referring to the Korean war Ladybird (returned to owners in 1953) and ex-RFA Sir Lancelot (scrapped 2008).

    What, exactly, is your point?
  4. Same page on search engine, different stories. :(

    [paste:font size="4"]Search results for ditto - LiveLeak.com - Redefining the Media
    28 Aug 2011 - ARMY GETS A SHIP- RFA Sir Lancelot - 09/03/1964. Marchwood, Hampshire ... Sex, brothels and the REAL tyranny threatening the Arab world.
  5. So two separate articles, one about a Sir Lancelot dated 1967 but posted in 2011, the other about brothels in Tunisia, dated about 2011.

    Methinks this needs the barge!!
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  6. You are behind the times.
    Glenn Braveheart is (reportedly) being used as a floating brothel for the US Fleet Senior Officers out of Sasebo.
    My experience of Ladybird, Sasebo and Japan was of an overwhelming desire for the local talent to get to grips with us Brits--- and Aussies to be fair.
    They eschewed the Yanks .Their Emperor history better suited theirs to ours.
  7. Your 8 years out, the former Sir Lancelot was scrapped in 2008, even if it wasn't and is as you say, where's your proof or a link to an article?
  8. When the RFA Sir Lancelot ended her distinguished career with the Royal Navy she served variously as a cross Channel ferry and a floating casino, before in 2003 eventually being bought by Glenn Defence Marine Asia.

    Renamed the Glenn Braveheart, the veteran of the Falklands War was apparently refitted as a protection vessel for ships believed to be under terrorist threat, complete with a troop of former Gurkhas.
  9. We can all use google and wiki. You're still 8 years out and still no link to it being a brothel. I ask again, what is your point?
  10. BillyQ in 'patchwork, guess the point, throbbing horseshit thread' shocker.


    Fuck of Billy, you dull cunt.
  11. For once he's not spouting complete drivel. As you see in the article the ex Sir Lancelot has been mentioned in the Court Martial of a USN Captain. It is said the vessel was used as a floating entertainment venue to corrupt USN personnel in SE Asia.
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  12. "The FRA Lancelot passed through several owners before being bought by a Malaysian company at the heart of a US navy corruption scandal"

    I notice that "Sir" is omitted by the Telegraph. But at least they didn't make it RAF Lancelot..........

    The whole story is fantastic, and could offer vital clues in the long-overdue investigation into why the RN visits Portsmouth, Devonport and Faslane so frequently. Could someone tip off the Guardian?
  13. I was at a party to celebrate the closing of Port Stanley airport, having been flown over by a crew member's mate's mate or something. We referred the floating accomodation as broatels - does this count?
  14. Ships to the Breakers?

    A bit like your Insurance written-off vehicle you find yourself following a few months later, a different colour, along the M1.
    They're not always broken.

    Panamanian Ship Owners can be rascals.
  15. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Admittedly I've had a ship out of refit in a similar state but I don't think I'll be finding this on AIS anytime soon.


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