Flipped or pissed, who cares?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Aug 17, 2012.

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  1. If a ship is in Port too long do the crew get pickled. Is Madeira a piece of cake for a run ashore, and if you go to Santa Cruz, do you get a pressie from Father Christmas?
    I went to Labrador and coped off with a dog and very much the same happened in Bakewell only she was a right tart.
    I bet others have had a similar experience elsewhere.
    Word Smithery required.
  2. I wonder if the South coast of France is considered a nice place to visit?
  3. I recon it might be if you have a few Cannes.
  4. Phuket!
  5. ------------------------------------


    Dublin was a good run.
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  6. Brest is best
  7. If I be miking it if I brought up Cowes.
  8. Bnag is bang out of order.........................
  9. "I've just been to Indonesia with the wife"
    "No,we flew"
  10. I'm going on the piss in Beer.
  11. I met a bastard in Twatt.
  12. That's different,..you usually stick a bastard in a twat.:wink: Apparently
  13. My favourite colour is white. I love white....but I can't stand the fucking place....full of retired people.
  14. It's so cold here that I'm wearing a jumper
  15. Not that I've ever been there, I'm led to believe that Cockermouth is popular with some types.
  16. So is Gobblers Knob U.S.A.:happy2:
  17. I quite often spend a few days up in Pratt's Bottom.

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