Flip Flop

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by OSLO, Sep 12, 2007.

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  1. "Strangers in the night, exchanging flips flops...."

    Anyone know the rest of the song?
  2. "Stokers in the night,exchanging flipflops
    swapping left to right
    What were the chances they would be
    exchanging steaming bats before the night was through."
    and from then on as per Frank?
  3. Or this version ?? (to the same tune of course!) :glasses5:

    Strangers on my flight, turbans they're packing,
    Wondering if they might, plan a highjacking,
    They could pull a stunt, before this flight is through,

    Something's on their minds, I heard their mutters,
    What's that in their hands? Looks like box cutters,
    I'm gonna kick some ass, if they make a move,

    Strangers on my flight, two smelly people,
    And they're not looking right,
    And in a moment,
    I will grab a baseball bat, and that will be that,
    I'll swing like Joe De Maggio, and rip them both a new asshole,

    And if they pick a fight, and try to screw us,
    I'll punch out their lights, just like Joe Louis,
    It would feel so right, for strangers on my flight.

    Ratta tat a tat,
    Bud do da bing bong,
    Zooma zooma zoom,
    Bud do da bing bong,
    Zooma zooma zoom,
    Send those bastards to the moon.

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