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Had this pop into my inbox today, not for me so I thought I'd pass it on, believe it's working for Supreme:

A fantastic opportunity has arisen for an experienced and committed Flight Schedule Manager to work within the Aviation department for a leading international Life Support Services company. The role will be based in Afghanistan.

The successful Flight Schedule Manager will be responsible for ensuring that the clients customer’s cargo is scheduled in the most efficient manner possible, with aircraft capabilities, maintenance constraints and required delivery times.

Key Tasks:
• Coordinate the departure and arrival of all aircraft
• Ensure aircraft capabilities are maximized to decrease operational costs
• Coordinate with Logistics Manager to ensure all necessary permissions and paperwork are arranged for scheduled flights
• Obtains aircraft Prior Permission Required’s (PPRs) when necessary
• Create and distribute tentative and final flight schedules
• Monitor, record and report actual flight details to all necessary personnel, e.g., administrative personnel, logistics personnel, operations personnel, etc.
• Create truck loading diagrams for Supreme warehouse personnel
• Ensure all contractual obligations towards aircraft suppliers are fulfilled, i.e., minimum guaranteed hours

Essential Skills and Qualifications:
• Prior experience living and working in a conflict or war zone
• Prior technical or supervisory role in logistics
• Extremely well organized
• Ability to multi-task
• Prior US/UK/AUS (or equivalent) Military Flight Ops Specialist
• Understanding of NOTAMS (Notice to Airmen) and SPINS (Special Instructions)
• Proven experience working within a multicultural environment
• Excellent written and spoken English
• Well developed computer skills

Preferable Skills and Qualifications:
• Russian language abilities are highly desirable
• Expert ability to run QRCs (Quick Reaction Checklists)
• Expert knowledge of MS Access/Excel or flight planning software, i.e., PEXS, AIMS, etc
• Experience in an aviation related field

Rotation – 14 and a half weeks in and 3 weeks out, 63 days paid leave
Accommodation, Food, laundry and Flights etc all provided.

Edward King
Millar Cameron

00 44 1491 826 336 (t)
00 44 1491 836 088 (f)
ed-millarcameron (skype)
[email protected]

20 years too late. Here I am, crap job, approaching retirement and a job I was capable of doing comes along. :evil:
Waspie said:

20 years too late. Here I am, crap job, approaching retirement and a job I was capable of doing comes along. :evil:
:roll: Sorry Waspie, their is no man born :lol: :lol: that could do this??? only women :wink: :wink: ABILITY TO MULTI TASK !!!! so im reliable informed
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