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Lantern Swinger
The best flight deck movie i ever saw was Rob Roy, on the invince,having a stand off in the gulf of manfradonia, flight deck toppers after a bbq, but not cause of the film. half way through the skipper came down and stood next to the WO MAA, just chillin' and watching the movie, some smart arse pipes " Warrant officer Master at Arms Dickie Wears Black Silky Underwear". the poor old skipper pissed himself and could not face the joss for a week.


Lantern Swinger
In 1980 while doing fleet time onboard HMS Minerva we were detailed to steam from the Med to shadow the Kiev. She made her way into the Atlantic and anchored in 80 fathoms, probably because she could.

As night fell a big sheet was stretched across her flight deck and once fully dark. they showed a John Wayne movie.

I think both evolutions were done to impress us.
Always remember the Albion's (The Old Grey Ghost) movies in the FES as a baby.

I think most of us were there under the for'd lift to watch the Tom & Jerry cartoons more than the main features, but westerns and war films were probablyb the favourites.
Being under that great slab of metal was not a very enderaring moment, wasn't so bad when it was good weather and the lift was down !

I can't really recall if we had any 'colourful, (mainly blue tinted)' movies shown ... but I was probably too young to be allowed to see them anyway?!?! .... *cough cough*

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