Flight Deck Movie..............


Lantern Swinger
Does anyone watch the movies or am I wasting my time putting them on?
Nice selection. Watched Shout at the Devil over three nights - I see it was filmed in both Malta and Port St Johns, Transkei. That must have been good for the local economy!
Had trouble getting this watch it while you can


Chris P

Lantern Swinger
If you can manage to download it this is a good watch, saw it on one of our local TV channels (SBS) last week,

Miracle at Sea: The Rescue of Tony Bullamore..

At the time some said that it was a waste of public money, what a load of crap - I reckon it did more for the RAN and RAAF both within and publicly, having been on the Big E when we rescued a crew from a freighter which had run aground on an unmarked reef in the South China Sea during a cyclone I know what a buzz it gave the ship's company and probably more so 826 who carried out a very difficult rescue operation.
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