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Huffington Post: "Steven Slater, JetBlue Flight Attendant, Curses Passengers, Jumps Down Emergency Chute, Becomes Folk Hero

Huffington Post said:
On Monday afternoon, fed-up JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater walked off the job in high style.

As Flight 1052 from Pittsburgh to New York was taxiing to the gate at JFK Airport, a passenger reportedly stood up to retrieve his luggage and Slater asked him to sit down. The Wall Street Journal reports that the JetBlue flight attendant was allegedly hit in the head with by the compartment door or the luggage. He then asked the passenger for an apology, and was denied, receiving an expletive instead.

The attendant--who is also known as Steve Slater-- then reportedly got on the PA system and, according to ABC News, said "To the passenger who just called me a motherfucker, **** you. I've been in this business 28 years, and I've had it." He then grabbed a beer, activated the emergency chute, slid out the plane, and ran to his car, which was parked in an employee lot. He then drove home.

He was later arrested by Port Authority of New York And New Jersey police at his home in Belle Harbor, Queens. He faces charges of criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and trespassing.

Classic! :lol: He must be an ex-matelot, surely..? :thumbleft:
Fews days old, Sgt Peppa, so just to hoist you up to date*:

At that Time: "A neighbour said about 50 police officers turned up at Slater's home in Belle Harbour, New York, to arrest him. He was found in bed with his boyfriend." Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/wor...tyle-luggage-row-passenger.html#ixzz0wrEfD7Uy

Since then he has been shooting up to Folk Hero Status in the US:

<< Word came yesterday that producers Stone & Co. Entertainment want former jetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater to host a show about unusual ways people quit their jobs>>


<< Bragman was hired as Slater's representative and he said Slater has been flooded with "scores of offers from media, producers, brands and other interested parties." "I believe Steven touched a nerve with the American people," Bragman said, "and am proud to be helping him tell his story.">>Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertai...ill_take_that_job__milk_it.html#ixzz0wrFoJtA7

*There again, Reggies rarely to get to hear the full facts with any story, do they :twisted:

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