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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Chrismith92, Sep 17, 2008.

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  1. I'm interested in joining the Fleet Air Arm and have just received the date for my F.A.T at RAF Cranwell. The Navy have only given me a brief outline of what I'm to be tested on, so...

    To anyone who has sat the exam, recently or otherwise, any advice on how to prepare for the test would be massively appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

  2. I was going to link him to that damnit. :dwarf:
  3. Why dont you all have a look on PPrune - all the Navy pilots are on there. Some of them are a bit grumpy but if you are polite they may help you?
    Or ring up and ask one of the serving pilots at Culdrose or Yeovilton? You would be amazed how helpful some of them would be (honestly).
    Ring Culdrose or Yeovil (use an operator) ask for the Public Relations Officer ( he will be a civilian but possibly ex flyer) , explain yourself. They will ring a pilot for you, they will help.
    Could save you some grief thats all Im saying.
  4. Chris
    Check your inbox - there's a message for you.

  5. I'm going on the same day!!!! will see you there I assume
  6. Awesome! I'll see you there - I'll be the one needing to be restrained from heading into the mess bar...
  7. Haha, sounds good. I'll probably be the terrified 16yr old amongst the uni graduates :) see you there
  8. Are you getting a sixth form scholarship?
  9. Hehe, that's why I'll be wanting the bar - finished uni but not with a degree! :( Oh God, only 4 weeks to go!!
  10. Just what the FAA needs another alcoholic pilot!!!!

    Too many times have I seen friends injured or died because of drinkies in the mess.
  11. Could that be an alcoholic pilot who failed to get a degree due to drinking when he should have been studying?
  12. Just for the record, I'm not an alcoholic, I just like to go for a social drink of an evening....honest!

    And slim.....erm......mostly yes :oops: although playing around with the TA played a big part too...
  13. Yeah that's what I'm aiming for, hence the stupidly early taking of the exams

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