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AIB Tips:

Be yourself - do not try to be someone you are not

Pay particular attention to supporting the leader in team events when you are not the leader yourself. Help as much as you can but do not try and take over. Similarly make use of the team when you are the leader. Listen to their ideas - delegate rather than do everything yourself - try and stand back and supervise - do not get too close to the problem so that you cannot see the whole picture.

If you want to fly make sure you know something about the physics of flight both fixed wing and rotary - ie principals of lift etc

Be careful not to bullshit in the main interview. Dont lead the panel to think you know about something when actually you are guessing -better to say you dont know the answer - honesty and frankness are key.

Remember you are under scrutiny the whole tmie you are at the AIB even when you think you are "off watch".

Remember that you can pass the AIB but still not get a place at BRNC!!!

Good luck and let us know how you get on.


Thanks for the luck, will come in handy.

My board date is 01 OCT so I should know if I've passed AIB by 3rd/4th.

Ill let you know, fingers crossed.


Hey guys,

Good news for me, I passed AIB.

What would you suggest were realistic chances of being accepted?

My debrief said AIB pass with strong FAT scores.

Should I pack my bags or am I in for a long wait??

Many Thanks


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Well done Cullie, congratulations.

You will have been told at AIB the standard attained & should contact you OCLO to get a clearer picture of predicted potential entry dates.


Hey Goodish news,

Provided I'm fit the selection officer said that I had reasonable AIB scores and very good FAT scores which puts me in a strong position for selection.

Should be starting February or April of 08.

Anyone else confirmed for these start dates?


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